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Hardest week

Hi all, 

It took me a while to have the courage to write about this, but it’s been a rough week so far. 

I have been diagnosed with polycystic Ovaries and hyper thyroids a phew years back. My go this year in May has recommended me to stop my thyroids treatment and to start working on my hormonal treatment. So that’s what I did, in May I have started taking Metafoming tablets that have increased the charge of getting pregnant. 
On September 15 I had my last period, on 17 October no sign of my period so I did a pregnancy test, which have come out negative. 
A phew weeks ago I started having sore breasts, sleeping a lot, being very picky with my eatings, but it never came into my mind that’s I could be pregnant. On 27th of this month I did again a pregnancy test which came out positive and another to make sure it’s ok. I was happy and surprised as it did not happened in all these years we have been trying to conceive. I have booked myself in for a scan to see what is happening, the next day. 
They told me the pregnancy is of 6 weeks and 5 days but no heartbeat yet and the fetid was measuring 5.8mm. I should come back in 2 weeks to do another scan to see the evolution of the pregnancy. 
After a phew days I had started with heavy pelvis pain, so I went to the emergency room the doctor there have told me that in the next phew days I will be contacted by someone to do another scan. So they did. I repeated the scan on this Tuesday, and still no heartbeat but other news came out. The fetid was measuring 2.8mm and I should be pregnancy of 12 weeks and the baby has stopped growing at 6 weeks. I am doing another scan on the 10th of this month. 
Now if I was pregnant of 12 weeks should the first pregnancy test that I did come out positive and why this big difference of measurements of the fetus? I understand that there is still no heartbeat on this scan as well, but I feel like no one is telling me anything precise... 
I have started today with some brownish discharge with is starting to worry me... have I really missed my miscarriage? Should I get worried? Should I wait patiently for the next scan next week? 
Any tips? I am more than happy to listen 


  • Hi im sorry u have to go through such a difficulty. First thing, why would gp suggested to stop thyroid meds? U said u had hyperthyroidism , that doesn't go away... Why would he stop meds? Did u had thyroid hormone levels checked after stopping meds???
    Second I don't understand with the measurement, u said 5.8mm at 6+ weeks and then 2.8mm at 12weeks, that doesn't make sense. Could you clarify mb I can help.
  • Well everything it’s so confusing. 
    Yes I had my hormones checked and everything is under control... 
    well the first scan I had they have told me I was 6weeks and 5days by the baby measurement of 5.8mm. 
    And then the second scan they have calculated by my first day of last time period I should be close to 12 weeks but the baby is measuring 2.8mm. 
    I have all this in two different report... it’s all so confusing as I do not know when I conceived...
  • How strong was the line and what test did u use? 
  • Well that measurements doesn't make any sense... I could understand if baby not grown but become smaller.... You definitely need to do another scan and ideally in different place
  • I am trying to think about explanation for shrinking, but only one which fits is human error. It's just guessing, but if u had negative hpt and got then positive hpt month later , mb u skipped a period and ur dated month later than ur last period, that would explain size in general. But who knows, as above go get scan elsewhere. 
  • Hello all, 

    this is all very hard I do not understand either... 
    I will have another scan next week Tuesday 
  • I have used clear blue test on both occasion. I might have started the miscarriage as I passed some blood cloths last night and this evening as well.. 😞
  • So sorry hun... It does sounds that it might be mc :(
  • I'm so sorry, u can chat to me any time. 
  • Thank you all for the support!
  • Hi all, 

    So I went back today to do another scan and my sac has growth from the 17mm to the 22.7mm and the fetus is measuring 3.7mm. 
    They cannot declare this a miscarriage yet as the numbers went up.. I really do not want to lose hope but at the same time I don’t know what to expect.
    I need to return next week to do another scan 😞 
    I am so sad that I cannot understand what is happening, is this pregnancy to small?? There was still no heartbeat...
  • Fingers crossed hun.. You might be not far as you think. There is always hope... 
    Just remember that you cannot control it, so all you need try to relax and not think bout it
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