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Boy or girl thoughts?

This is a picture from my 12 week scan. Anyone predict based on nub or skull theory? I saw on the board someone is a pro at it :smile:


  • kmczer said:
    @Mumma87 any guess??
    Have u got any other pics? The more I can see the mroe accurate I will be and this pic I can't see any nub and skull theory I don't do as think it's a load of rubbish.. One of my boys had really girly shape skull and one had common blocky boy skull both boys same with my current pregnancy she is all girl and she has square blocky head xx
  • @kmczer when are u due hun? Have u only just had 12 week scan x
  • @Mumma87 I am due June 13th. I had a scan at 8 weeks for dating purposes and this one at 12. I still have a few weeks until my 20 week and was just curious if anyone had any good guesses. I’m just impatient. Lol
  • @Mumma87 here are the only pictures I have. Friends tell me it “looks like a boy” but I just see a big head lol. 
  • There isn't a nub visible on any of these... The closest thing to look even remotely similar I think may actualy be the cord as its a little too high up in the belly ill circle to show you xx
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