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Brown/light pink spotting week 5

Hi all!

I am feeling really low as yesterday i had very slight brown discharge which i noticed when i wiped. My other half said he would barely call it brown but being a girl, i knew it had old blood in it. It seemed to ease off and this morning when i wiped it seemed clear. However just had a bath and wiped and now noticed very light pink on the paper. I dont have cramping atm and still have pregnancy symptoms such as sore boobs and nausea. However, i am paranoid this is the start of a miscarriage. What should i do? I had lots of cramping and bloating around week 4 when my period was due but its eased off over last 4 days or so. Pregnancy tests which i did last week all had strong lines which gave me hope :( 


  • I'm currently having the same issues, mine has been this is the third day of mine being all different colours (literally, brown, red, pink, clear with a bit of red). But no spotting only appears on wiping, spoke to a midwife who advised me to just monitor it and if it becomes period red then to call them back up. Very anxious with it as first time mum but finding things to distract from it, hope this helps x
  • Thanks for the reply @Beth2406! I went to dr's who dipped my urine and it turns out that I have a water infection. I had been feeling really crampy, tired and nauseous but put it down to pregnancy. No pain when I urinated though! Started antibiotics which I've been taking for 3 days now and the spotting stopped the day after I started them. Back to white cream discharge now. So fingers crossed it was just normal pregnancy spotting or maybe some irritation from the infection! Seems like some spotting is normal in early pregnancy :) x
  • Hi i found out last week im pregnant which makes me 5 week today but ive had cramping and light brownish discharge got advice from doctors to take paracetamol and rest ill be contacted Tuesday see how things are 
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