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24 hour bug

i have caught the 24 hour bug from somewhere and i have been sick and on the loo all night. my mum has told me not to eat anything but i dont know what to do because im so hungry!! can anyone reccommend anything for me please??


  • dry toast and lots of fluids! need to replace some of the salt you are losing through vomiting too, it's gross but put a small pinch in a glass of water to drink. Sorry you are feeling gross and yuk and all. your mum probably right because if it is a bug eating can make it worse. so stick to plain easy cook foor i.e dry (boring) toast, no butter or jam, maybe boiled egg, cooked well, of course. only after you haven't vomited for a couple of hours, or are doing it less than you were. hope you feel better soon!
  • You could try dry crackers, but you will need fluid -water is best if you can stomach it. If that does not help then mum knows best!!!!!!!!
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