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Latent labour lasting forever

So I’ve been in latent labour for about a week now at 39 weeks (doctor said I was 0.5cm dilated and soft cervix Monday and it’s now Friday, but I had symptoms all weekend so I think it started around Saturday when I had a fall.)

I’ve been having symptoms all week:

- Mild to moderate period pains irregularly on and off no pattern, although more common at night and in certain positions. They don’t seem to be getting much worse or closer together. They are all over the place and start and stop all throughout the day. Today I’ve barely had any of them. Like 2 contractions all day. 
- sharp pains in cervix on and off
- tightenings in lower abdomen and across belly irregularly
- pelvic pressure, very hard and sore nipples, baby is low and engaged, head down and not spine on spine so good position
- exhaustion and whole body aches and pains
- pooping multiple times a day (green diahrea on Thursday) and very gassy
- appetite changes and nausea on and off.
- extreme moodiness
- increased cm - cooked egg white consistency which is unusual for me.
- lost a tiny piece of yellow snot-like stuff on Tuesday (plug?) but never lost any more after that. Can you lose only a piece of your plug and not the rest??
- Baby moving less but still moving lots

Im just so sick of all these symptoms and the not knowing. I keep looking online but I only ever find forums where mums tell stories about their active labour part but they never talk about the latent phase. 

I’m miserable and desperate. 

Can anyone tell me their latent phase birth stories and give me any advice on what is happening to me? 

I don’t feel like I’m progressing at all but the doctor said I would go into active labour in “days” and that was a WEEK ago. 

I’ve even tried checking me own dilation but I can’t reach high enough and don’t know what to feel for. 

I just want active labour to start already. 

I’m so uncomfortable and so so frustrated. No one else seems to have these problems where you start to dilate and then just stop making progress. Why is this happening?? 😭😭😭


  • Hi Hun, sorry to hear you’re going through the mill. Look after yourself. 

    In regards to labour, I personally think the doc was wrong. All those symptoms are regular, late pregnancy symptoms. In my first pregnancy I was 2cm dilated and soft from 36 weeks and was 3 days late giving birth. I’m currently 36 weeks and am 1cm. All the cramping does go up as you’re body prepares and starts to soften & dilate the cervix. However it can go on for weeks For the majority of people. I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted to hear, I just think it was unfair of the doctor to try & guess a time frame and stress you out! Put your feet up, relax and get as much rest as you can before baby decides it’s time to make an appearance xx 
  • I agree with @VRob123. Those are common symtpoms of late pregnancy and you really can't predict when someone will go in labor. 0.5 dilated is barely anything. I know someone who was at 4cm at 36 weeks and still went on to 40 weeks. It could go quickly or slowly. I was 1cm at 36 weeks, 2cm at 37 weeks, and 3 cm at 38 weeks and had my daughter at 38.5. I progressed quicker but my sister in law was at 2cm from 36 weeks until she was induced at 40 weeks. Hang in there! Your precious baby will be here when they are ready :) 
  • @Sunflowerkisses
    Do you have the apps pregnancy + OR Bounce?
    They have good stories from every point. Esp latent to active. pregnancy + followed by baby + best bit bounce you get free stuff.
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