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Dark brown color spotting.

Mira2020Mira2020 New
edited Aug 22, 2020 12:54PM in Miscarriage & pregnancy loss
Hi ,
I had 3 miscarriage  , 2 at 5 weeks, and the last one few days after I got a positive result  on the pregnancy  test.
Currently  I m pregnant  in 6 weeks , for 3 days I started  to have dark brown color  spotting when I use the toilet.  Sometime in the day I have cramps not to bad. Before this 3 days,  my breast was very uncomfortable,  not anymore now.
I lost my health insurance , so now I have to wait for a decision on Medicaid. 
I m so scared . If I m losing this pregnancy  , and soon I will miscarriage again.
I need to mention  I have done all the exams possible  , carrier  Screening,  genetic  test ,etc and they not find anything  wrong with me or with my husband.


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