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3 Blastocysts awaiting genetic testing

So, I'm new to this but just wanted to share my story and see if anyone else out there is going through or has been through the same/similar scenario as me.

I was tested BRCA2 positive and we decided to go forward with PGD at Guys & St Thomas hospital in London. I was on Gonal F daily and then introduced fyremadel daily. When it was time to do my trigger shot I used Buserelin.

I had 12 eggs collected on February 12th and on Saturday 13th 7 had been fertilised.
3 embryos have made it to blastocysts therefore these are being sent for genetic testing (BRCA2). Really hoping for good results but I know it's completely out of my control and we just have to hope for the best! 

I'm interested in hearing anyone else's experience and wondered how many blastocysts you had and how many of them came back normal after being tested for the mutated BRCA2 gene?

Fully aware everyone is different and I can't expect the same results but really intrigued how others have come on on their journey 😊

Linzi xx



  • Hya x I've just started my injections for IVF icsi but we are also having the PGT as we had a  down syndrome pregnancy so wud love to hear how yours goes. Om only on injections day 3 xxx
  • Hi, 
    I’m about 2 weeks behind you, going through IVF PGD at Guy’s. My hubby has the BRCA1 gene. I had the same injections as you, except we had to do a double trigger (irregular periods). 
    How scary is it waiting for that call?! 
    We had the collection 8 days ago and Had the call 2 days ago to say we have a good amount being genetically tested. 
    However, I now have OHSS & am quite poorly, and been put on dalteparin injections (reduce risk of blood clotting). 
    It’s so nice to hear other people’s stories, and knowing my worries are normal 🤣. 
    My friend went through this 6 years ago, now has a 5 & 3 year old (both gorgeous). She had 13 tested, 7 had the gene, 6 didn’t. I don’t know if there is difference in outcomes with BRCA 1&2. 
    I was told we find out in 56 days, was you? 
    Hope all goes well xx
  • Hi Hannah, 

    Really appreciate your response, sorry to hear you have OHSS I hope you're better soon! Fantastic news that you have a good amount of embryos to be tested though 🤞

    Yes I was also told 56 days, it's been 3 weeks since we were told that 3 were going for testing, feels like a life time 😂.
    We just really want to know but I know we aren't the only ones, many other couples going through the same thing waiting on the same phone call!! 

    Thank you, I wish you all the best in your PGD journey 😊 xx
  • Hya x I've just started my injections for IVF icsi but we are also having the PGT as we had a  down syndrome pregnancy so wud love to hear how yours goes. Om only on injections day 3 xxx
    Hi Susie, how are you getting on? Did your injections go ok? 😊 Xxx
  • LinziW22 said:
    Hya x I've just started my injections for IVF icsi but we are also having the PGT as we had a  down syndrome pregnancy so wud love to hear how yours goes. Om only on injections day 3 xxx
    Hi Susie, how are you getting on? Did your injections go ok? 😊 Xxx
    Hya x I had my eggs collected Friday . They collected 6 eggs and 5 have fertilised so it's a waiting game now. Hoping most of the 5 reach blastocyst  stage. If they do they will try hatch on tues to see if they can get cells to test. If they cant  we will have the fresh transfer done anyway. Injections were ok but tough when it became 3 a day. I'm now on progesterone pessaries incase I have a fresh transfer xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    how did you get on with your transfers? hope they were successful  xxx
  • Hya. I had  my day 5 results on my little 5 fertilisations. We have 3 blastocysts all getting biopsies for genetic screening and all good quality infact one is excellent so I am over the moon. I should get the results in 2 weeks then not sure when they can do the transfer because of this bloody coronavirus which is so frustrating. The other 2 ( out of the 5) are not quite at blastocyst so the embrologist is ringing me tomorrow ( actually today) to see if they're just late bloomers. If they haven't gone to blastocyst then those 2 will be discarded. Xx
  • Sorry for the late reply! Great news about your 3 blastocysts Susie! How did your other 2 come on? Have you had genetic results back yet? 

    I got my results 6th April out of the 3 blastocysts that were sent fot genetic screening 2 have come back suitable for transfer, I'm over the moon!

    Unfortunately I'm on a FET waiting list as the ACU unit at Guys hospital aren't doing any transfers at the moment with COVID19 which is really frustrating but at least we know we have 2 healthy embryos and we are in for the next step. 

    How are you all getting on?
    Linzi xx
  • I said unfortunately, it's not unfortunate in fact I'm very fortunate! We're both very grateful how far we have come so far, It's just a shame that it has come to a halt for now due to Coronavirus xx
  • So glad you’ve both had positive news in the middle of all of this! We got our results last week with 7 being BRCA free and ready for transfer, so the OHSS was worth it 🙌🏼. Like you Linzi we are on the waiting list too at Guys. Hoping that after last nights announcement to restart fertility treatment things will get moving again. I work in the NHS so am so grateful for everything they’re doing at Guys, just so hope things return to normal ASAP so our journey can continue! 

    Hope you’re all well and safe! Xx
  • LinziW22LinziW22 Regular
    edited May 2, 2020 8:22PM
    Thank you, we were overjoyed when we got the phone call 🙏🙌
    That's excellent Hannah, so happy for you. It's nice to hear good news during this time!
    I just found out about the announcement this afternoon, I also really hope this means normal activity can resume soon for us🤞. 
    Do you have far to travel to Guys?
  • It really does make a difference getting some good news. I’d love to know how quickly things start up again after they resume on 11th May. We’re just outside of North London so just a 30 minute train so we’re fortunate. Do you travel far? Xx
  • I know fingers crossed its not all that long of a wait 🤞

    That's good! We live in Newcastle so usually a 3 hour train journey 😴 might be tempted to take the car with what's going on, we'll see when the time comes.

    Let me know if you hear anything xx
  • Oh wow Linzi I really did take for granted how close we are!! Such a long way for you! 

    Absolutely will do, let me know when you hear, fingers crossed soon! Xx
  • Hey, you heard anything yet Hannah?

    I'm still waiting 🙄 xx
  • Hi Linzi, no we haven’t! We contacted them when the government announced IVF could restart. They hadn’t been granted permission to restart services straight away, about 7-10 days behind. But they did say that their lists were added to by the people that were half way through a cycle when COVID restrictions shut everything. They also needed to account for the fact that they’ll get through their list slower because of social distancing. They didn’t promise any times but did say they thought it would be a fair few months from then. The wait continues 🙈😞 xx
  • Understandable! I was tempted to contact them but they did say they would be in touch as soon as they could and me emailing/phoning is only really adding to the wait I suppose. Not to worry, we'll continue to wait in anticipation! 

    I'll let you know when I do hear 😊 xx
  • Hi Hannah, how's you? Hope you're keeping well. I was wondering if you have heard anything from Guys? 

    I received a phone call today and my medication should be arriving Wednesday for me to start that day then I have a scan 7th September to check my lining! So exciting. Eventually feel like things are going somewhere 😊

    Linzi xx
  • Hi Linzi, I’m well thank you, how are you? Oh my goodness I’m so happy for you! Over the moon!! I can’t believe its actually started moving so quickly!  

    We haven’t heard from Guys, but this gives me a glimmer of hope as we had our collections relatively close didn’t we? 

    You must be on cloud 9! 

    Hannah xx
  • Pleased to hear you're well, I am too thank you! I know I'm so happy things are progressing 😁

    Yes, I think you were just 3 weeks behind me so hopefully you should be hearing soon too!

    I am on a shorter protocol compared to some so your medication may differ compared to mine depending when your cycle is etc but just thought I'd let you know as I know the wait is torturous. 

    Linzi xx
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