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pregnant again

hi my lo is 5 months and i found a week ago i am 10 weeks pregnant, if anyone has msn and wants to chat my email is [email protected],


  • hi claire wow ive not been in your position b4 but how do you feel about it??
  • Hi Claire,

    My friend had her 1st baby in April & found out she was pregnant again when he was just a few months old- she had literally conceived the 1st time she had sex after giving birth!
    It was hard work but I know she wouldn't change it for the world & now her two are coming 3 & 4 & she's having her 3rd!!

    I'm having my 1st & finding it all very challenging but everyone on here is great- i'm never on msn but you'll find plenty of girls who are.

    Take care,
    Lauren (31+2) xx
  • My little one is nearly 9 weeks and I think I may be pregnant again!!! I also have a 2 and a half year old and Im cacking myself!!! I know I would never have an abortion but still I can only just cope with 2!!! xx
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