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Hi all
For a whole load of reasons & ages thinking, OH & I have decided we will be formula feeding baby rather than breastfeeding. Is anyone else not breastfeeding & if so, how have you decided on which formula to use?
Sarah xx


  • Hi, I only breastfed for a couple of weeks with DS1 and then only 5 days with DS2 - found it really difficult - was in agony and didn't get any support. This time round I'm going to try again but won't beat myself up so much if I have to formula feed - anyway, with my other two used SMA gold I think it was = they were fine with it - would def. use again....

    all the best, chelle
    e.d.d 4th July
  • hi,

    i didnt breast feed with my son and wont be with this lo i also used sma and will be using it again but didnt try any others with him so cant really give any advice on other formulas.

    emma xx
  • Hi sorry to but in...

    maybe a stupid question but I was just wondering that if I am not able to brestfeed my baby for whatever reason am I expected to provided the babys formula at the hospital after the birth.

  • I'm not going to breastfeed and we are going to try SMA Gold. It's what my mum used with me and hubby's mum used with him.

    Havana - I think they give a choice of two formula cow and gate or SMA at the hospital.
  • This will be my 3rd baby and I will attempt to bf again, but if that doesn't work out then I will again use SMA.
  • Thanks Jellyfishpink, At least that's one less thing to pack in the baby's bag. Just hope that I have no problems bf. If I do then i'll be taking zoey85 advice and letting the baby choose.

    Thanks again


  • hi there,i am gonna try 2 breastfeed but if it dosen't wrk out i will use cow & gate as its the closest to breast milk.Its the only formula with pro biotics in it just like breastmilk.Also formula fed babies can suffer with hard stools (nice!)but as cow & gate contains the pre biotics their stools r alot softer and easier to pass!I used this make when i switched frm breast to formula ith my daughter.I only know all this cuz my mum wrks for cow & gate but their website it quite good for info xx
  • my local hospital makes you take your own formula (in those little cartons) but they supply the bottles.
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