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clomid 2nd cycle

Hi i'm currently cd24 today 2nd cycle 3-7 day 50mg not sure what day i ovulated but i did have a 21 day progresterone blood test and it came back i ovulated and scan showed two follicles about 12mm.

i just want it to ask why i have super sore breast and feeling real heavy?,was just wondering what day i can test?


  • Hi there! Depending on the test, up to 5 days before your AF was due. But the earlier you test, the more difficult it is to detect a possible pregnancy. I'd suggest to try to wait until you're at least one day overdue. Good luck! 
  • thank you, my AF is due the 25th this upcoming sunday.Is there anyway the heavyness and the sore boobs could be AF coming or pregnancy?
  • Unfortunately, most if not all symptoms of early pregnancy and soon-to-come AF are basically the same. If there would be a better way, I guess we wouldn't need so many forums and threads and websites regarding that topic :)
    So you're still very early to test. I would wait a couple more days to start testing again. Otherwise it will just frustrate you because it will be negative (even though you might not be)
  • Thanks for your advise ,saw many forums as well.
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