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bloody snowing!!

hi i am sitting here on laptop and its bloody snowing! british weather!


  • ahd here today was 37 degrees

  • lol! Where abouts are you in the UK? I live over in Norway and we have had a few flurries over the last few days and very heavy frost, keeps looking like it is going to go for it any minute and all the mountain tops are white. Very beautiful, you'll have to get your sledge out! =) x
  • Its not snowing here but it is bloody freezing so I am staying in all day. Just as well its too cold to go out as my 3 year old came down with chicken pox yesterday. Hayleys1 what are you doing in the pregnancy forum? Is there something ive missed????
  • lol no not yet!! i like to keep up with pregnancies its exciting!! we going ttc no 2 soon though i have put another post in on this preg forum. what bout you? im in stoke on trent my dad lives in cyprus and just text saying he sittin on balcony in hot sun drinking keo! charming!!! xx
  • Blimey no! no more for me I think 4 is enough. I like to keep up with the pregnancies too it is so exciting. Sometimes i do feel a bit sad that I wont have any more coz I just love being pregnant and babies but hey you have to stop somewhere.
  • lol! i know but it is exciting to see how others are doing yes! its scary doing it 2nd time i think as you know what to expect!!! xxx
  • Just came back from mother in laws for dinner and it was proper snowing!! no one saw that coming!!

    I'm in Luton Bedfordshire! xxx
  • We have had slushy rain all day, which is now more snow than rain.

    I'm in Worcestershire
  • im not faf from stoke on trent and it has been snowing here on and off all dad was in stoke today and said the snow flakes where really big. hoping it will snow at xmas.

  • I HATE SNOW!!! Please please keep an update going of where it is! Am so clumsy normally just know when it gets here (Manchester) am gonna end up on my arse. Maybe would be safer to hibernate!!!!!
  • i'm in Australia lol
  • No snow here in Scotland, plenty wind and rain though.

    Im jealous of you mamas2B, your weather must be lovely.
  • Wish i was in Australia! How do they treat you over there? Is maternity care really good? I just imagine everything over there to be 100 times better than here.
  • materniti care is really good here.i'm first time mum and i dont have anybody to help me here or give me advice and one mw is comeing to my house every week to help me and teach me things i dont know.with her help my lo is sleeping trough the nite and we started to practice him rolling over and things like that when he was less than 2 months old so i think we r doing fine.and the mw even took me to the licencing centre cos i didnt have someone to take me there and to look after my lo while i'm doing the final computer test and thanx to her i got my licence is there?
  • good god thats good care! think i will emigrate! the mat care i find here was good for me i had a great experience mw was great during and after labour xx
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