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Growth scan

Just had 31 week midwife appt and am being sent for a growth scan as midwife was concerned Peanut isn't growing much. Fundal height was 27cm at 28 week appt and is only 28cm today. Peanut has slipped below the lne on the growth chart. It's wriggling away in there though so i'm not too worried yet.
Anyway else been sent for one of these?



  • I've got one next Tuesday - because I am overweight they won't be able to measure me the 'normal' way.
    I am very concerned Angus isn't growing much as I still barely have a bump at all - it depends on the clothes I wear and his position!
    But he's moving loads so like you, I'm not worried yet!

    Good luck hon xxx
  • HIya hun - im going for my growth scan on wednesday - for his size though as you know! My friend is 4wks ahead and was measuring 28wks, and at her growth scan he was measuring perfect image They do it as a precaution so try not to worry - will be lovely to see your beanie again - how u guna resist finding out the sex hehe!!!! xxxxxxx
  • yep i have them every 2 weeks cos i have preeclampsia u ent that small hun i wudnt worry to much ive bin under the bottom line 4 ages dont stress to much bout it xx
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