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Will my baby be small??

Hello there everyone

I went to see the midwife on Tuesday, it was the first time she'd measured me and told me that the baby was measuring 26cm and should be 28cm, I know its only 2cm difference but to be honest I have been worried about the fact im not showing too much. I am 5'10 which is rather tall but thought I might have been sowing alot more??

Anyone else out there who has had the same problem or anyone with any advice, please let me know


  • Hello laurajane,

    I am 21 weeks pregnant and also not showing very much - keep being told that I don't look pregnant which is annoying!

    I don't think the 2cm size difference will be anything to worry about - everyone is different when it comes to size. Don't worry as I am sure everything will be fine

    Hayley x
  • when i was preganant the last time a good friend of mine was due 6 weeks beofre me she didnt look pregnant till about 34 weeks i looked further gone than her but when her baby was born she weighed 8lb 6 where as mine was 7lb 7. This time round ive a friend who is 8 weeks further gone than me and still wearing her size 10 jeans where as i havnt been able to get a pair of jeans on for weeks i mean months lol. well her last baby was 9lb 8 and she said she carried him the same!! i wouldnt worry the midwives will let u know when to start worrying and the size of your bump menas nothing i dont think! good luck xx
  • hi i should be measuring 38 cms now being 38 weeks but am only measuring 33.5cm i'm not worried as this is my 3rd and have been small with all 3 and my others were 7lb 9oz and 5lb 10oz.some off us are just lucky to stay small.take care,sarah.
  • Hi all, I think the measurements that the midwife takes are really only a rough guide because your measurements could differ if your baby was lying in a different position or your stomache muscles were very tight or even if you were carring a lot of extra fluid! I know its easy for me to say but try not to worry to much. Take care all Debs x
  • hi,try not to worry they told my my daughter would be quite small, she ended up being 8lb 14oz and measured 53 half cms,they cant tell exactly. dont worry take care.

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