help....advise needed (tmi)

i had a doctor app yesterday as my hips were hurting, so i left a water sample with them to see if i had a water infection! and ive just phoned them up this morning and they said the sister tested it and she sent it off!
wat would she off tested it 4?
the first thing that went thru my mind is that she did a preg test n it was neg
plz help im scared now!


  • they automaically send it off if there is signs of infection so the l;ab can culture the bacteria to see what infection may be present nothing to so with pregnancy i have had 5 of these tests! stop worrying about it becs this one is sticky and you know it image
  • lol! i know im just panicing AGAIN u shud know that by now lol
  • its prob just to see if you have any infections if it comes back clear and your hips still hurt they mite ask you to go for an x-ray to check your bones are ok. i can understand how much it hurts coz mine do when i'm in bed. i have to keep turning over coz my hips will start hurting and my legs sometimes hurt to. when do your hips start hurting if you dont mind me asking
  • well it started on sat night after i was holdin my niece (shes 4 months old) so i just thoght it was the way i was sitting! but then on sun mornin it really hurt to the point i cudnt move and sleeping when there hurting is impossible id say they hurt the most during the day wen im most active! but they havnt stopped hurting since sat night! so its just agony
  • Bec n Bump

    You are the biggest worrier I have ever known, you're going to have a heart attach by the time you are 30 lol.

    The Dr would have sent it off to the lab as normal practice it is nothing to worry about.

    Have you always been a worrier or has it only been since you were pregnant? I was a worrier before pregnancy and since I got pregnant I seemed to have stopped lol image

  • always been a worrier but bein preg seems to have made it worse! i have ocd with certain things its not bad tho!
  • Ahhhh i c.

    I understand why the pregnancy would make worrying worse, maybe I am defective and thats why I have stopped worrying about things lol.

    Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy image

  • i wish i could stop! lol! i think wen i have a bigger bump ill finally stop worrying!
  • I think they do a basic test in the surgery - same as the midwife does and then they will send it off to check for specific bacteria. The dip sticks they use show up leucosites (which I have no idea how to spell!) which can sometimes indicate infections - I had leucosites show up in one of my tests and the mw sent it off to the lab and it came back with no trace of infection. I would guess that they found traces of something in your sample so have sent it off to get checked so that if you need antibiotics you can get the right ones.

    As for the hip pain.. I found when my hips and lower back were hurting badly that if I slept with my long pillow between my legs, but also made sure to prop up which ever foot was on top with a cushion then that helped cause it kept my hips straighter.
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