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Some advice please? Tried talking to my mum, but arghhhhhhhh

Please help....

I'm 5 weeks (i think) with my third. I mc last september. Trouble is my stomach is popping out. (It's probably just fat!!! I am a bit worried about it as it has just appeared from nowhere. Don't get me wrong i was no super model, still carrying a little fat from my last pregnancy (3 years ago) but suddenly it is very noticeable. Luckily my coat covers it up when I'm doing school run coz i know people would wonder. I do look 4-5 months pregnant.
Anyway after talking to my mum she has put lots of doubt in my mind. Telling me not to tell anyone until I'm at least 15 weeks etc and it could be a sign that something is not right. Don't get me wrong after having mc last year i do have doubts in my mind but really trying to stay positive. There is no reason for anything to go wrong.

Up until now i have felt fine but now i feel like crying.

ARGHHHHHHHHH! Any advice please?

Anyone else with a sticky out belly very early on?

Do you think everything is ok?


  • I agree with suzanne mums are a pain in the butt. If this is your third your belly will pop out much quicker image plus you will probably have water retention, or maybe mulitples?... lol leaving it till 15 weeks could be difficult if you are already showing.

  • My friend is pregnant with her 3rd baby and by 8 weeks she was telling me to hurry up and sprog so she could have the maternity clothes she'd lent me back - she didn't fit in any of ner normal trousers. At about 9 weeks for her she was definately showing and wasn't much smaller than me at ummmm 35 weeks I think I was then. She's just had a scan at 13 weeks and baby is fine and she's definately a lot bigger than i was at 13 weeks - its obvious she's pregnant whereas I just looked a little tubby (first baby for me!)

    As far as i've been told you show earlier with each pregnancy as your tummy muscles are not as good post pregnancy.

    I'm sure you are fine but maybe you can get an early scan for reassurance? I had an 8 week scan cause of a previous m/c and it was so so so reassuring to see our boys heartbeat on the screen.

    If you want to tell people - tell them when you are ready not when your mum says. I told friends sooner than I told parents because I knew I'd get support off my friends if anything happened - told close friends at 4 weeks, parents at 13 weeks after the scan.

    hope this helps

  • Hi lilo,

    I agree with everyone else that there is no reason to worry that you're showing early. It's not your first pregnancy so you will show early. I have a colleague who is about 3 weeks further on than me and a 16 weeks she had a very noticeable baby bump with her second. I'm now 18 weeks with my first and I'm still far smaller than she was then! Although not really fitting my trousers now!

    I don't think you'll be able to keep it a secret although I get why your mum is suggesting you try. Generally we don't tell until at least 12 weeks because we want to have had a scan and be more confident everything is fine. I had to tell early because I ended up in hospital with abdominal pains so it came out and it's been fine. Telling people won't jinx the pregnancy and there is no reason that you should miscarry this time. Decide what is best for you and try to explain your decision to your mum. She is probably just trying to help but she's upset you and it may help if you tell her how you feel.

    Sonia x
  • Thanks everyone. Reading your replies has made me feel a little better.

    We decided that we weren't going to tell people yet anyway. I have told my closest friend, who doesn't think that i will be able to hide it for long. I did get big quickly with my second, not as early as this though. I'm also worried because my second weighed in at 10lb 5oz at birth so you can only begin to imagine how big i was. All through my pregnancy i was measuring up 3 weeks bigger than my dates, which were right. I'm hoping i won't have another big baby.

    I think that i'm just going to have to stop talking about babies and pregnancies with my mum for a while.
    Thank you
  • hi mums can be a pain sometimes with their ideas, they try to help and sometimes just make things worse!!

    as everyone is saying its prob just cause youve had babies before, i dont atall think it means something is wrong.

    last time i was buying my cot at 6 or 7 months and cause id never been preg before i asked my mum if that was a bit early and she was saying "well you dont want tobuy things too soon, things can go wrong anytime" how supportive!!! i did buy the cot that day, and my girl is now 3yrs!

    im sure you will be fine, if anyone asks if you are preg then its obviously up to you what you say..and just becasue you had a mc before doesnt mean itll happen again...and bad things arent going to happen just becasue you told people you were preg.

    we just told epople at about 8 weeks this time, cause at least that way you have support from people if something goes wrong...but that is not going to happen to say being big is a good sign that the baby is growing well and your body has accepted the baby x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • I am preggers with my 3rd and it felt like I lost my waist instantly! I too was still carrying weight from my previous 2 (now 14 1/2 and 6) lol so had a belly but it is definately a "solid baby bump" that appeared quite early! Also I am completely crap at keeping secrets so could not keep my mouth shut til I was 12 wks so started telling people asap! If you try to cover it up it might make it more obvious - go with what your heart tells you and not what your mum tells you babe. Take care, Love Lee xxx
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