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swelling in lady bits???!!

hi girls

when i was watching tv earlier i noticed that my lady bits on one side was really swollen(ok so how i noticed was my jim jams were stuck up my bum whilst sitting down,lol!)

it felt so odd,not painful,but when i shifted position it had gone you think this could be a varicose vein??!!

i cant go and look with a mirror as hubby in bed unwell and thats where the travel mirror is!!



  • I think it's just the added pressure of everything inside pushing down on it..and also there's alot more blood going to that area now...I see it the way men get turned on an blood rushes there makes their willys go swollen and hard...ours does the same when blood goes there

    I dread the thought of even looking at mine lol!

  • hiu peanut baby.

    well i plucked up the courage a have a look,and it definatly looks like a varicosee vein,it doesnt hurt but looks unsightly........luckily its not something you look at ,but i have got a few varicose veins on my legs(due to hairdressing)and one particular one has spread upwards into my groin.........i had to tell my hubby ,who wasnt concerned at all,i didnt let him look,lol..but i showed him how bad the ones on my legs had says that they may get bigger with added pressure and ache,so sitting down may be uncomfortable..well that will be a nightmare as what with my SPD aswell i only get relief when i sit down!
    i think i will mention it to my midwife when i seee her again on march 18th xxx
  • Aw hun I know what you mean about the SPD too..I've had this since about 20+ weeks..and I've never had anything as painfull..must be horrible being a hairdresser with it!

    Hope you feel a bit better soon..I know it's easier said then done but try and rest up as much as poss! ..I got to the point I couldn't walk so was signed off work for 4 weeks and I can't tell you how much of a difference it made (and I have a desk job!)

    Big hugs
    PB (37+1)
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