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My builders have left the building!!

I haven't been on here for a few days, so if I've missed anything important, I apologise! Please let me know if any babies have been born etc!

Well, as the title says - they're GONE!!!! After nearly 7 months of them being here 6 days a week from 7.30am - 6.30pm I am just so derliously happy that they are no more. I can get up in a morning and actually sit downstairs, I can put my feet up when I need to and most importantly, I don't need to be out of my house at silly times of the morning because I don't have anywhere to go in my house!

I've been madly cleaning and trying to get things in order for the imminent arrival of bubs and actually paid someone to come in yesterday to clean the upstairs - just got to sort out my treatment room and living room - any offers?? Hello - where've you all gone?! LOL

They left on Friday and on Sunday I came down with a chest infection and thrush - great - like I need this now! Probably so knackered by the previous months everything's caught up with me.

Hope everyone is doing well and babies behaving.

Hugs to all



  • Yay you've got your house back!! That must be soooo lovely. Sorry to hear you're poorly though. Like you say it's probably because you've been able to relax that it's just hit you. Hope you feel better soon xxxx

  • Yayayayaayyyyyyy finally Karen you have your house back and in time for your new arrival, fab news

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Wow you must be so relieved! Your building work must have cost a fortune having them there 6 days a week for 7 months (eek!)! It must have been horrible to have so much stress and mess everyday and your house not to yourself.

    Sorry to hear you are ill - take good care of yourself. I was ill for most of last summer with post-viral fatigue syndrome (ME) and I'm sure the stress of lots of building work on two houses, loads of stress at work and parents ruining our small wedding didn't help. As soon as one stress went and I relaxed a little bit, I got the nasty virus which set things off. I'm feeling quite stressed at the moment with various things and I'm so scared it will happen again. So, do take care and make sure you don't overdo it. Think about how lovely it is now the house is finished and when baby arrives you can just enjoy life and not have the stress of building work! x x x
  • Im so jealous of u getting rid of ur builders, iv got building work starting work on monday on my kitchen, bathroom and toilet and they are gona b around for four weeks, ahhh! Glad ur okay and its not long now until ur lo arrives, did u say 4th June? Kerry xxx

  • Hi Karen, really pleased that they have moved out now, bet you are relieved. Sorry to hear that you are not well, make sure that you are looking after yourself and getting everyone else to sort the house back out! Not long to go now!
    Tammi xxx
    35.4 wks
  • I am so envious of you! My husband and I have been doing all the work ourselves (since last July!) I know what you mean about being able to sit downstairs, etc etc..I can't wait to walk around my house without shoes on or without having to tuck my pants into my socks because the floor is so dusty! We're almost there though, flooring and carpeting to and bathroom will have to wait though!

    Taryn 30+3
  • Ladies - thanks for your support.

    LO is coming on 4th June so officially 21 days to go woohoo! Can't wait to bring it home and just sit!

    LOL re tucking your trousers into socks - we've been doing that for months now and gave up on wearing anything black!

    Back to it - chest infection or not, it still needs sorting (still no offers????!!! Hmph!)

    21 days to goooooooooo
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