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Hi everyone, I am 5+4 today and wanted to know is it normal not to have any symptoms other than being tired and slightly tender nipples?


  • Yes definitely!

    I only had those symptoms, plus cramps, until around 6-7 weeks; then my other symptoms, the sickness mainly, kicked in bigtime!


  • Completely normal.

    It all depends on how your body reacts to the hormones that are coming in, you may find that you get morning sickness in the next couple of weeks, then again you may find that you are lucky and dont get sick at all.

    It does feel odd though because you expect to feel really different but you dont really until you get your bump or start to feel movement or some feel differrent once they've had the first scan and have seenthe lo

    love Rach
  • lots of ladies don't have symptoms at all. i had sickness and tears. x
  • i never had symptoms with my others but this one im hyper emotional i actually have arguments in my head at night lol im only five weeks yet but its been eight years i wonder if the synptoms you have in your twentiies change when in your thirties ill be 37 when this last littlun comes fingers crossed. i was under thirty with other three and flew through preg now i dont get nausea but everything else including (tmi alert ) an itchy cervix???? like a little pin sticking in you.
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