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overweight and pregnant

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I'm overweight (about a size 18). I just want to know when my bump might start to show. I've seen other messages from women who are 12 weeks pregnant saying they have little bumps already and I feel really jealous because I don't know how long it will be before my baby bump starts to show through the flabby bump I already have!


  • Hi, I was a size 16 when I feel pregnant, I started showing at about 16 weeks. Although I think some of it was cause I didn't need to hold my tummy in and I was letting it all hang out!!!
  • I'm also a size 18 and 12 weeks nows and have already got a little bump.
  • I am also 12 weeks and a size 18. I have a bump already but am convinced that it is just the bump I already had but can't suck it in anymore!!!! I have got a dating scan this afternoon to check that they have my dates right so am quite nervous.
    Take care everyone
    Kirsten xxx
  • Kirsten, good luck for this afternoon!! Let us know how you get on. Jo x
  • hiya, im a size 14 and short so i was al ways jealous to see skinny girls with big bumps but you will start to show soon enough i started to show at about 18/19 weeks now i look huge at 27 weeks, don't wish the time away just enjoy it, x :\)
  • Thanks for that everyone. I feel much better now - knowing that I will show eventually.
    Good luck this afternoon Kristen - my scan was amazing! My dates were 3 weeks wrong though!
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