measuring 37 at 33+5

Had to get assessed at the hospital today and and being sent for a scan on Thursday as the MW said I was measuring very large. There's no protein or sugar in my urine, are there any other reasons for measuring so big? At my 32 week appointment i was measuring 32. Am a bit stressed now as I want a natural birth but not if it's a humongous baby!


  • Im having a glucose test tomorrow as Im measuring 5wks bigger but I wouldnt stress too much sometimes it the way baby is laying whoever is measuring gets it wrong
  • I was the exactly the same at your stage!! I was referred to the hospital for appointment with consultant and a growth scan, everything was fine!! When the consultant measured me ( a week later), I was only measuring a week bigger than my dates and the growth scan showed that my baby was big but not enormous and certainly nothing to worry about. I also had a lot of fluid and she used to lie with her bum sticking up above my belly button so it made my bump look huge!! Having said that, she was born 2 weeks late weighing 9lbs 12oz! Don't worry though, I'm sure your scan will reveal that everything is fine and it was just the way the baby was lay.
  • I was told I was measuring 26 weeks when I was 22 weeks last week. Don't think it's anything to worry about really. My midwife said it could be as simple as having full bowels.
  • What I hate is the fact that they book you in for a scan which of course makes you worry, but you have to then wait 3 days to have the scan, equalling more worry time!
  • Hi try not to worry, the measurements are really only a guide. It depends if this is your 1st baby, the position of baby, how much fluid is surrounding baby and also how tight your stomache muscles are, all these things can make a difference to the measurements. I was huge with my 5th only ever measured a few wks different at apts , he was 11lb 4ozs at birth! The labour was fast and easy so dont worry even if bubs does turn out to be big. good luck ladies, wish it was me. Debs xx
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