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bought the cutest hats off ebay!!

since finding out i'm having a girl i have found it very hard not to but every cute item in site ahhhh but i just could resist these 4 hats!!! tell me what u think!


  • that advert is over the link i'll put it in again
  • ok dont haha, i love them though!!! she will be such a princess!! xx
  • I think they are sweet, and I just love hand knitted stuff! She will look lovely in them xx

  • They're certainly very girly. Let's face it the world would be a very dull if we all shared the same taste. After all, not everyone shares my taste in cute hats either - I'm adamant I want this hat if I have a boy but I'm sure some people would hate it and think it laughable:-

    Just got to find a friend to pick it up for me when next in NYC! (Anybody planning a trip soon? ....)

    Here's to baby hats of all shapes and styles! They're all cute in their own way.
  • honestly?

    think thats a bit mean, am a firm believer in if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    I think they are adorable and she will look gorgeous.

    redpod, think the hat is ace, unfortunately not going to nyc lol

  • hey i think both sets of hat/s are realy cute, id so dress my lo in them but dunno if having a boy or a girl yet so im no doing anywere near as much cute shoping as id like, eeeeeee i cant wait though i want buy cute clothes, image xxx

  • HI princessjane aint been around for ages as wanted relax with the whole ttc. cant belive your 20odd weeks already your baby so cute. and i think your hats are really pretty and traditional i love them sort thing id put on my baby if i had a girl there lovely. x x
  • omg they are soooo cute. If i have a girl it'll be dangerous will end up with a 2nd mortgage!!!
    Can see not everybodys taste but i like them.
    Filo x

  • Quote : tell me what you think!!
    i wasnt aware that your only allowed to have an opinion if its a nice one. im a bit sensitve about these type of hats they caused a huge row with me and my MIL when my daughter was born i HATE them and anything else frilly but thats just me. fingers crossed for a boy this time eh? oh n redpod i like those hats you posted id buy a few if they were a bit cheaper.
  • to be honest they're not to my taste either, sorry, but i do like the third one (the one without the feathers) i love knitted baby stuff and even make my own felt baby booties and have a drawer full of lovely knitted outfits that my mum knitted.

    They are fine for special occasions but your right she'll be a right little princess in them!

    I do agree with artygal, princessjane did ask for our opinion and if we all had the same taste life would be very boring!

    on the other hand i LOVE the hats that redpod put a link too! I have a wee boy and would defo get one if they were cheaper! Might pass on the link to granny and see what she can do...!


  • cheers el_pinko was worried i was gonna be lynched then. i LOVE knitted stuff my nan is the worlds greatest knitter and my daughter ate, slept and lived her knitwear but i just dont like the frilly foofoo stuff my mil deliberately used to keep outfits at her house to take my daughter out in and i was only aware of it when she entered MY daughter into a cute baby comp and i saw her pic in the paper with one of those hats with feathers and rosebuds and netted frilly dress and horror of horrors frilly pamper knickers things. i hit the roof and mil was not allowed to take her out anymore. she is a ghastly woman anyway who reckons herself on liz macdonald from corro but looks more like the disabled sunbedded, chainsmoking granny from the show benidorm.
    i really didnt mean to upset anyone, sorry.
  • Quote : tell me what you think!!
    i wasnt aware that your only allowed to have an opinion if its a nice one.

    I wasn't saying that you shouldn't have an opinion, what I meant are that there are nicer ways to say things. It just seemed a bit rude that's all.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, its just how you put your opinion across that matters. But it isn't important, after all, we are all supposed to be friends here

    Thanks katie image


  • Awwww man I can't access the pics cos my work comp won't let us look at ebay (lucky really as I would probably buy everything lol).

  • Artygal - you are bad lol

    I just spat my bloody coffee everywhere!!!!! Your description of your mil nearly had me peeing my pants lol.

    The hats are defo sweet but not something I would personally chose! But thats the point - each mother/baby is individual!

    I am now going to dry myself off and make another coffee!!!!

    Love Lee
  • hmmm didn't mean for it to turn into some kinda debate eeek!!! better not put the fairy outfit i have bought for her on then!! hahaha joke!! xx
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