Stomach Pains..


Last night and occasionally today i have had a stitch like pain on the right side of my tummy. It's not constant, i have had the pain maybe 3 times today.

Any clues on what this could be? Baby is still moving fine and i am not in any discomfort. My mum said it could be trapped wind but it is a really odd feeling. I am seeing one of the midwives tonight at an antenatal class.

Any thoughts would be great.



  • How high up is the pain? I've had a similiar sounding pain since about 31 weeks and it turns out my babies foot is wedged under my ribs and everytime she wriggles a bit it feels like a stitch. is the pain this high up?

    Linz 38+2
  • Its like half way down my tummy at the side, so maybe not high enough to be my ribs? Do you think it could be to do with positioning of baby?

    I am quite small and baby is taking up a lot of room and he has been making big movements, i think he was turning from side to side last night.

    Em x
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