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Health visitors can be very helpful but some of them come out with complete nonsense, and that's the most ridiculous load of tosh I have heard in a long time.

My baby is a noisy snorer and in order to get any sleep at all, he was in his own room at 4 months, doors open between his bedroom and mine, no monitor either... It would've defeated the point of putting him there!

If he woke up, he'd make himself heard, don't you worry! But it meant that I got decent sleep and was much better equipped to handle the day.

If you're worried about cot death or any of that, then you can get all sorts of monitors to ease your mind.

If it's a social thing, my take is that it's far better to have happy relaxed Mummy who's slept well because she doesn't think the baby's about to fall out of his moses basket (or not fit into it at all in the first place!) than a grumpy tired stressed Mummy.

He's now 9 months old, and is a calm, happy, baby who laughs easily and thinks it's hilarious to play peekaboo with me when I peek around the door first thing in the morning and after naps.


  • Hello

    My little boy Cole is 5 months old tomorrow and is getting too big for his moses basket

    I need to move him to his cot but its in his nursery

    My health visitor said I shouldnt do this until he is six months with the cot not being in my room

    HELP did anyone else put there baby in own room earlier than 6 months


    Thanks x
  • Hi Jilly, please see my other posts to what I think of health visitors! I had to put my little man in his cot in his room at 14 weeks cause he is a little porker and didn't fit in his moses basket, and he has been finally, ideally I would have kept in our room for longer, but didn't have a choice.
    We put the baby monitors on, and I think in the first week we must have checked on him about a 100 times a night! He is absolutely fine, and settled in his own room with no problems, he is nearly five months now. Do what you think is right, you know your little man the best.x
  • Hi Jilly - yes I moved by daughter into her own room at 3 weeks old as she was a noisy sleeper. She slept in a moses basket until 4 months old and she is now in a cot. It really is down to how you feel. If you think you will be anxious and worried about him then move the cot into your own room. I can only say in my experience I found I couldn't sleep myslef and was disturbing her when I came to bed.

    Good luck Lisa
  • Wow

    You have all made me a very happy lady

    I feel so much better

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel he is ready

    got him a grow bag so I wont worry about blankets!!!

    Its cruel keeping him in his moses basket he doesnt fit x

    I am going to put him in tonight

    He has got a lovely cot and room and he does like it in there and sleeps in there in the day its just the health visitor put me off about night time!!

    Unfortunately I have had no luck with health visitor in my area they seem like they think they know it all and talk to me like I am my little boys age!!

    Thanks for your replies I will let you know how I go

    Just want to say how nice it is to have a support like this to put your mind at rest about things!!!

    Thanks again x
  • H Jilly, my lo wnt in her cot, in her room at six weeks because she hated her moses basket. She slept brilliantly in there right from the start. Hv do talk rubbish sometimes! Kerry

  • I see you've had a number of replies already but just wanted to say that due to the size of my little one he was in his cot in his own room by 4 months and we all actually slept better as a result!
  • My lo is 14 weeks on Thursday and am going to try him in his own room from this weekend as I think he would sleep better.
    WHen he first goes to bed he sleeps 4-5 hours and then wakes up when I go to bed even though I get undressed outside the bedroom, he then wakes anytime between 1-4 hours later. I'm sure its cos he knows I'm nearby and I disturb him when I move.
    It doesn't help that my hubby, me and lo all snore!!
    Hubby the loudest of course.
    But I think (HOPE) he will sleep better if its quieter. ALso my bedroom is on a main road so the traffic may disturb him.

    My sister has 3 healthy kids and they were in their own rooms from day 1.
  • hi jilly :\) I put my son in his own room when he was about 10 weeks old as he was too big for his crib and kept waking himself up by hitting his arms on the sides! he would've been in their earlier but it was winter ad the radiator broke! lol :\)

    I don't think the Hv is talking crap for saying you should really keep baby with you for the 1st 6 months as there's alot of evidence to support this. But... on the other hand we all don't fit into the "perfect/textbook" lifestyles, do we? so we can't all fit into one 'rule'..

    HV's need to learn a bit of tact and advise of the "rules" but also be relaxed enough to be a mum rather than following a text book of rules! it's the same if you start weaning before 6 months too... It won't suit all babies to wait til then!

    Daniel slpet LOADS better when he went into his cot, so I'd say go for it! :\) x
  • Hi Jilly, I was actually advised to put Eden into her own room at 4 months as i am breastfeeding and she kept waking 5-6 times a night for a feed and so they said it was because she could smell the milk on me. All i did was make sure that she was close to the bottom of her cot! good luck x
  • Hi, I put my daughter in her own room when she was about 4 1/2 months but instaled a camera monitor so I could keep an eye on her if I needed to so didnt have to disturb her so much.
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