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Placenta abruption,Please HELP ???

I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy with my first child even though she was not born til 42 weeks and 49 1/2 hours of labour...
Then with my second child i found out at my 12 week scan the placenta was covering my cervix,but by the 20 week scan it had moved up so i thought i would have a normal pregnancy..
That was not meant to be at 36 weeks i awoke in the early hours with contractions that were constant i was sick 3 times and dizzy,my partner took me to the hospital and they said nothing was wrong im just in labour so they let me go through 9 hours of labour when my son was born a huge gush of blood came out too.
The midwife had to give me 25 minutes of massage on my stomach to stop the bleeding,and as i had lost 500ml of blood i was out of it,
It was only when i came too i was told my son had been still born,and that i had suffered a placenta abruption.
I found out that the hospital thought i may be suffering from a bleed in the placenta the week before at a scan ??
Im now thinking of trying for another but am scared the same thing happens again,I have heard somewhere that if you have one abruption its likely to happen again does anyone know if this is true ??

Thank you for taking the time to read this x

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  • Hi shannyliam,
    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, my heart goes out to you and i can't begin to imagine what you went through.
    I also had a placenta abruption so that part of it i know what you went through. i lost 700ml of blood. I had started to bleed at 31 weeks but they didn't know where the bleed was coming from...despite many scans?!?! I went into natural labour at 33+6 wks. Needless to say this has put me off having another one as i'm not sure either if it would happen again as i don't want another pregnancy like this one. My 1st pregnancy was brill, i went 2 wks overdue and had no problems.
  • Hi shannyliam, i've just checked placenta abruption out on google and apparently there is at least a 10 percent chance that it will happen again, which is 1 in 10 so that's not too bad and better than i expected. Hope this helps xxx
  • Hi Shannyliam,

    I'm afraid I haven't had any experience of this but I just wanted to say how sorry I was to read your tragic story. It's absolutely terrible. Not sure when this happed but I hope you're coping ok. We're all here to chat if you need to. It must be incerdibly difficult.

    I've recently had a missed miscarried which was diagnosed at 11 1/2 weeks and I know how painful that is, but it must be so much worse when you've gone full term.

    Lots of love,

    Jo x
  • Hi jane, thank you for your reply it was in 2002,He would have been 5yrs old on 25th may
    X x x

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  • Hi Melbee,

    I can not beleive the similarities with us,As i said my first pregnancy was brill too and 2 weeks over due also.
    Did you get the help from the SANDS trust they have helped me a great deal,I still ring them when its my sons birthday just so i can have a chat about him.
    I dont like to ask but did you also lose a child as you did not say.
    x x x
  • I spoke to the hospital yesterday who advised me if i do decide to have another baby they will give a weekly appointment with the midwife at local clinic , I can also have monthly scans or more if i wanted.and they also said I could be induced at 35 weeks as if i went over to the time i lost my son i may panic and put stress upon myself and the baby.
    It sounds good news but im still weary as noone can tell me 100 % it wont happen again.

  • Hi jane , im sorry for your loss,i just read your page,
    I didnt say on this page but i have also lost many the first was a misscarriage at 7 weeks , the second was at 12 weeks when no heartbeat was on screen & i had to have a D & C ,Then i found out i had some fribroids which was sorted out then a year later i had my daughter who is now 7,then my son which you have read about.
    I just wanted to say i no the pain you must be in, I sinserley hope one day you will have a beautiful baby and you will always remember the ones you lost.
    All the love in the world x x x
  • Hi Shannyliam,
    My little girl survived but had to spend 2 weeks in a special care baby unit as she couldn't feed properly. i had a really bad time in labour and her heart rate was decreasing rapidly so had to have a forceps delivery to get her out and now i am constantly thinking "what if?"
    I really can't believe what happened to you, it is so terrible. It's good that you have the support from SANDS.
    I wish you all the love and luck for the future, take care xxx
  • Thank you melbee,

    Im so happy that your daughter is alive and healthy.
    Many thanks for your reply.

    All my love to you & your family x x x
  • Hi shanny i am 37,I have a son of 16 daughter of 9 and another son who
    is 22 mths in the last 3 years I have had 2 massive placental
    abruptions, 0ne at 28wks 2004 and one this year on new years day at 36
    wks both of my babies died I have not been been diagnosed with any
    thing yet, but i think I may have aps as after my recent still birth I
    suffered a large pe and have been given warfarin I also have an
    underactive thyroid ,I have my first appointment at st thomas's hospital
    on friday, which is 100 miles from where I live my local hospital is
    useless and i know longer trust them to look after me I went into
    hosptial 3 weeks prior to my last abruption with vomiting headache and
    upper abdominal pain and was sent home, I then abrupted during the
    early hours of the morning new years day and lost 3 litres of blood
    and my daughter willow died inside me they gave me c-section as they
    thought my previous c-section scar had ruptured which it hadnt after
    the op they told me daughter was smaller than they expected which
    shocked me as she had been growing normally up until the time I had
    gone in with the headache and sickness ,if only they had taken notice
    of my symptoms, instead they just suggested I might be suffering from
    indigestion and told me its normal for women to be sick in pregnancy I
    am so angry and want answers to why this keep happening and why they
    didnt look after me properly, sorry had to get this of my chest as any
    one else on this forum experienced aps and multiple abruptions please contact me if you ever want to chat regards Heidi
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