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Problem fitting pram into car. Any1 recommend a smaller one?

I have a Silver cross 3d and this wont fit in the boot of my corsa. I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for a lightweight buggy that will fold up smaller (has to be suitable from birth) that would fit into my boot? Dont really want to spend a lot as this would just be a back up buggy. All advice appreciated!!


  • I have also bought the silver cross 3d pram system, and I'm hoping to be able to fit it in my parents car as well as my own - my car is an estate so i know it will fit mine, but my parents have a citroen C3 so do you reckon it won't fit theirs?
  • My bro has a C3 and from what I can remember I think that boot is smaller than the corsa - the problem was the length of the handles. Ive got a second smaller buggy now that fits in (a combi-dash pushchair which is actually really nice) although its a shame I wont get to use my Silver Cross all the time!!
  • Oh well, I may have to look for something smaller for my parents to use then!
  • i had the silver cross 3d and although its a lovely pram, it was too heavy for me, ive now got the silver cross pop pushchair which is really nice and easier, it came with cosy tos and matching bag and raincover for ??150, it was a realy good buy.
  • if u can do with a pushchair from6m quinny buzz folds small as does the quick smart easy fold, i got quick smart but mine was in a faulty batch so had to get a diff 1
    but if the prob gets solved id def recommend.
    it lies back but not much, it is the lightest buggy i have tried and folded is a bit like a lrg shopping bag!. xx
  • Hi Cath
    I've got a 2 seater streetka convertible so needed something really quite compact to fit in mine - most the ones that folded really small I found were either too expensive or only suitable from 6 months. Then I found the Graco Mosaic travel system - ??99 from which is for both the pushchair and the car seat. It folds up smaller than the 3 wheeler Gracco and is fairly light too.
    Good luck.
  • My silver cross travels on the front seat of my corsa great if there is just me and my son. Keep telling hubby not a new buggy i need but a bigger car then keep scaring him by keep asking to borrow his so watch this space may have a new car soon.
    ps i know not related to topic but any of you had trouble with the silver cross 3d?
  • looks like you are having the same problem as me:

    Real nightmare isn't? So much for us all going for smaller greener wonder there are so many 4x4s on the road
  • I have actually just tried it again and it will fit in - just. The handles have to be on the left, I cant get it in if I have the handles on the right (theres a bumpy thing in the boot on this side)
  • watch your fingers i have ended up with trapped fingers on numerous occasions thats why most of the time it travels on the front seat....
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