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She's driving me insane!

I need some help! i'm at the end of my tether. My 17 month old girl is refusing to eat anything that isn't white or cream, is constantly crying and moaing about everything. she doesn't want to be held or cuddled or play or sleep or anything. and when she doesn't get her own way she smacks herself round the face and scratches her cheeks. she's never been like this and now its really getting me down. this has been going on for about 2 or 3 months and i just dont know what to do anymore.

i'm really beginning to feel like i might do something i regret. i don't want to feel so depressed all the time because i can't do anything right for her.

please help.
georgette x


  • aw hun, my 10m old has his moments when he will only eat toast! or strawberries and it can go on for days!
    if its really getting u to the point that u said, maybe if she dont want hugs then dont give em for a while, and as for only white food im sure bread porridge and spuds will get boring after a while, my oldest is 15 and i can remember all the grief she gave me at that age, its very frustratingi know,
    but she wont die from just eating white food for a while,
    she is at the age where she is just learning to push u 2 ur limits hun, and its working.
    sadly she wont quite understand how u feel image( but if u try and ignore the scratching behaviour ( very hard i know) but the less attention it gets u may find the less she does it.

    i got it all to come again with my lo, but went through it with 15 and 10yr old image

    if ur still finding it diff though hun speak to hv, i did yrs ago and was given loads of advise and loaned books!

    i think 1 was called toddler taming by somebody green??
    great book!

    take care hun. xxx
  • hi,
    my little girl went through a stage (around same age actually) where she wouldnt eat ANYTHING and started nutting the floor. it used to really upset me and made me feel like i couldnt cope. i used to think she would get malnourished and people would think i didnt feed her properly and along with the bruises on her head i was sure someone was going to report me to social services. she was my first so i didnt realise that its normal! jeez when i think of the state i used to get myself in worrying.
    one day i took her to a mums and tots party and all the other kids were sat there eating their food and she started carrying on, i had to remove her and myself from the room. i was sat out side almost in tears and feeling useless and embarassed and the other mums started coming out to see what was the matter. when i told them they all started telling me about when their kids had gone through similar stages which made me feel tons better because i realised i wasnt the only person in the world going through it.
    as kirst3 says she's at an age where shes trying to push you but she will grow out of it! they all go through phases but it does pass. my little girl is 4 and a half now and has a huge appetite and whilst she still trys to push me i have to remind myself that im the adult and she aint gonna get the better of me. hope it passes for you soon hun i know how awful it is but trust me your not alone.
    take care.
    Toni xx
  • I know how you feel my daughter is 5 now and she went through the same thing not wanting to eat anything and it drove me potty - I can't tell you the amount of arguments it caused between me and oh because we were getting so stressed! Its so hard to watch them not eating but like someone else said they will eat when they are hungry.

    My lo is still not a fantastic eater and still tries to push me to the limits sometimes but I just walk away from her and she soon starts eating!

    You are definatley not alone xx.
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