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HIYA i have 12 ays to go till my due dat and had a show 3 days ago,just snotty no blood !

its still happening evry morning a little more is coming out (nice topic)

im getting a big feelin of pushing down and pressure on my knicker line that gives me the urge to want to wee for a few sec. then it goes off.

and have been getting lower back pain too!!

is anyone else suffering with this at all !!!! or am i a freak !

message back would love someone to talk about this with

thanx xx carlieimage


  • hi carlie
    i have 16 days to go and are started having a show on sat and its still coming away(clear snotty stuff,(nice)). i have slight back pain but no pressure.
    this is my first baby, so im not really sure what it will mean for us, family and friends keep on telling me different things. the general census is that a show does not mean any thing you can still go late and that you can lose your mambranes lots of time ?
    but the pressure could mean something, i hope you get some better advice off someone eles on website.
    ness x
  • Im afraid Ive no better advice but think I might have experienced same as u. I get this feeling down below like a sharp pain that feels like I really need to pee even though I dont! Midwife has been coming in to check me every few days because I had high blood pressure and has been checking my urine and says everythings fine but I got call from hospital today to tell me a sample from last week showed I have urine infection! So why didnt midwife spot this when she checked my urine today?! Totally confused! Dont know now if this feeling is caused by baby pushing or just an infection! Just have to wait and see I guess!
  • it sounds like the same thing i have had today strong urge to wee then it gos off pressure on my knicker line like sharp pain,also really bad back ache,im scared it could happen the only thing is i have 5 weeks to go this is my 3rd baby , if it keeps happening i will have to mention it to my midwife when i see her thursday
  • hi hun,with my last pregnancy my show was exactly the same & was bit each day for a week til i went into labour.i also had that pain you describe&put it down to the fact baby was squishing my bladder but even though it really hurt i kept wondering if it was a step in right direction?anyway,whatever it was my waters went at 3pm,i went to hosp at 5pm and baby born at 6.29pm so could'v been worse!hope yours is as quick,good luck x x
  • hi there i had the exact same as what ur describing i gave birth 11wks ago 2 my 3rd baby i told my midwife said aslong as there was no blood then it wasnt a show but it was an increased discharge which means ur body is preparing very soon i had my baby at home (not planned) just happened so quick my waters broke at 9.05am and i had him in my hall floor front door wide open at 9.54am with my youngest daughter watching good luck to you
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