Was anyone else a Dawson's Creek addict?

When it used to be on channel 4 I was a total addict - it was during my uni years and a sunday mornign was spent with all us girly housemates under duvets recovering from the night before and watching it on T4!!!!! I had a chance to relive it today as there was a repeat on channel 5 at lunchtime and it was Joey and Dawsons first kiss one - took me right back and I have been listening to the soundtrack all afternoon and being nostalgic - just wondered if anyone else used to love it??! image


  • Oh totally.
    Over the summer its been channel 5 every day at 12.30pm and I've become re-addicted!!
  • god wish I had realised sooner only 2 days left before going back to work to readdict myself - LOVE IT!
  • I have the boxset image!! xxx
  • oh god Sazzy I would never stop watching it hehe! Looking forward to getting another fix while I eat my lunch today!
  • It was on T4 when I still lived at home & on sun morn (with hang over) me & boyfriend (whos now hubby) would watch it in bed.
    I also caught it on 5 the other day, I was washing my sofa & seen it was on so it took me longer to wash sofa.
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