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Mystery Rash

Hi my daughter is nearly ten months old and has been on solids for quite a while with no problems. Last week she came up in a rash on her forehead which I put down to hair products at first. Unfortunately the rash has now spread all over her face and is on her legs, arms and body also, even the back of her head.

I am using the same soap powder, cream, body wash etc and she hasn't been any where new or had anything different. She is on aptamil forward milk at the moment which she has had before although she had been having Farleys at one stage also. She also has a bottom tooth coming thru.

I am really concerned as the rash on her face looks almost leathery and has feels rough like the fine side of a cheese grater! The doctor doesn't seem to know what it is but gave me Dermacort cream, which I am going to use until Friday and if no improvement, I will take her back.

Has anyone got any ideas???:\?


  • Hiya it sounds similar to what my son had - he was diagnosed as having slap cheek its in the same virus as chicken pocks! i would get her checked over just in case!
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