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Hi All

After reading a few posts, I can see that a few of you are booked in for c-sections. Has this been through choice or requested by consultants? What are peoples previous experiences of c-sections. I have always been set against them as I have been told the recovery time is long and painful and have always wanted a natural birth. However now having identical twins and I am being told that a c-section is a must. Your experiences and stories would be appreciated xxx


  • I wouldn't reccommend to every1 that they DO NOT opt for a c section unless absolutely necessary. I went thru 12hours of labour got 2 10cm n was pushing 4 over an hour, n was then rushed 4 an emergency c section as baby was in distress. I didn't get to enjoy my baby been born as I was so drugged up n was the last one of my family to hold him. After the op recovering with a new baby was a nightmare, I cud hardly move and the midwives didn't do much to help. I was in so much pain and only given paracetamol (which did nuffin) and cried for nearly 2 weeks after Rhys was born. I had an awful experience and I'm gona make sure that I dnt go thru that this time round, Im determined to have a natural birth (which i'm sure has its downsides aswel but nuffin can be as bad as that). K x
  • hi i had an emergency section with last wee boy 21mnths ago after 6hrs in labour we both were getting no where and he was in distress and heartrate dropping rapidly then he opened bowels so it was straight to section for me i must say i recovered really quick was in for 5 days and drove away from hospital due to prev exp last preg my consultant has told me to have section this time around so im booked in for 28th nov

    tracey x
  • I think I must be a wimp...ha ha ha! I'm hoping I do not get advised to have a section this time round coz I dnt think I cud cope, with Rhys as well! K x
  • Hi i had a section as lo was breech & it really wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be i was up & about the next day left the following day & was out shopping the next day,From chatting to my cuz she had 2 emergency sections & one elective section & she recovered the same as me from the elective she said it makes a big differrence wether its a emergency as she said your so tired & drugged up because you've been pushing for so long,when you have the elective your all planned for it if you have a epidural your wide awake & know whats going on,hubby got 1st cuddle but once i was all sorted i soon got her,(& havn't let her go since!) good luck xo
  • Hi,
    I had pre-eclampsia with my first and so was induced on my due date. They gave me an epidural as soon as I went into labour to bring down my blood pressure. This made the whole thing a completely pain free experience and I remember at one stage thinking this was more like a coffee morning than a birth - as I advised a student midwife on her love life! After being in labour for about 11 - 12 hours - there wasn't sufficient progress and so they gave me an emergency c-section. Again a fairly non-stressful event that was over quickly - scariest bit was when they tilted the bed that you lie on! My recovery was reasonably quick and relatively pain free - I took all drugs offered and had an excellent support network.
    I think there is no doubt that the recovery is slower than from a natural birth generally - but then you hear examples of those where people are left in a bit of a mess. I had a friend who was left with her nether regions looking like what she described as the 'bayeux tapestry'! I know where I would rather have my stitches!

    I think if you have been told that you have to have a section - the best thing you can do is relax and go with it. Take all pain relief offered and try to get support in place for a couple of weeks afterward so that you can recover from the op - all you'll want to focus on is you and the baby.

    This time round I've opted for another section. (Reason being that I've lost two babies in between and just want to get this one out as quickly and with as few complications as possible). Anyone I've spoken to who has had a planned section has found it a good experience and obviously more relaxed than an emergency one.

    I'm just glad that the option is there - don't let anyone make you feel like you are less of a mother because you didn't 'go through pain of labour' What twaddle! Way I look at it - if I'd been having my baby 100 years ago - I could well have died - how it gets out isn't important - its how you look after it in the womb and once it is in the world that defines you as a mother!

    Good luck and try not to worry!

    Gill x

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  • My 1st was emergency c-sec 14 yrs ago then with my 2nd 6yrs ago went elective c-sec and think am gonna do the same with this one. It is painful and recovery is longer but as soon as drips etc out I got up and about - the more u move the easier it is. You do get used to what you can and cant do. You are not meant to drive for 6 wks though as not covered by insurance ive been told but with 2nd I didnt realise this and drove day after leaving hospital!
  • Hi, I had an emergency c-section after 4 days of labour and only getting 5 cm. I so wanted a natural birth but as long as baby was ok it didn't matter. After they cleaned me up I was sitting up breast feeding my little boy. Yes it was very painful for the first few hours after the inital drugs wore off. But they gave me soem more before bed and I did get to sleep. The next morning I stood straight up as knew my tummy would heal quicker if I let the air get to it. You move very slowly to start with but it didn't affect me looking after little one in hospital. I was in 3 nights. I thought I was lucky and recovered very quickly, I was walking into town by week 3. I was 37.
    This time round I am having an elective section. It is a shame I won't get to experience natural child birth but there is no way I'm chancing going through all that labour again.
    Good luck with your decision xxxxx
  • I had an emergency section too due to a failed induction, unlike a lot of emergency ones I had an epidural and thought it was fine! It was very relaxed (althought there were about 15 people in the theatre!) and because I wasn't knocked out completely Poppy was placed on my chest straight away so it was very much like a normal birth but without the pain!! Yes the recovery is slower and things can be quite difficult for the first few days but if you have plenty of help and support at home it should be ok.
    My friend had her little girl 2 weeks before me and her natural birth left her in a horrible mess down there, like Gill said - I'd rather my stitches were on my tummy!!
    It's not something I'd have chosen but now I've had one I would have no problems in reassuring anyone who has been told they need to have one.
    Don't worry, everything will go fine and your precious twins will arrive safely whatever you choose.
  • hi i wasnt drugged up with my 1st emerg sect as i had refused any pain relief and i had spinal block inbetween contractions that was sore as it took 3 atepmts to put it in and inbetween contractions every 2mins everyone is different hun so go with what you feeel is right for you and baby

    good luck tracey x
  • I had a planned c-section in june and i loved every minute of it!! Yeah it was uncomfortable and it took a good few weeks to get half way back to normal BUT when you sit staring at your newborn all day long it's so worth it!!!!

    Don't worry, a planned section is so much calmer than an emergency one, the whole atmosphere was great and you can even pick your own music if that's what you like. I would have another one any day of the week.

    Hope all goes well for you xx
  • i had a c section with my second child and would say to any one only have one if really have to. i had an internal bleed after and was rushed back to theatre twice because of this, my recovery was long and painful. on a happier note i went on to have to normal deliverys
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