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My toddler has been diagnosed with croup 4 the second time in 4weeks, the first time round he had to spend 5days in hospital. Although he doesn't seem as bad this time he is still suffering. Does anyone have any tips that mite help him as the dr's jus seem to sit on the fence these days and wnt give me any useful advise. K x


  • when my little boy had it, it turned to a repitory infection about a week after we left hospital so we were given an inhalor to open his air ways aswell as antibiotics. we had just moved from a house with electric heaters to central heating and the air was a lot dryer and we thought that was what caused it so we put wet towels on the raidiators in his room and in the lounge and it really helped. the other thingis to sit him in front of a face sauner, its easier than steaming up a whole room and you can put some oils in it. ( speak to holland and barrats i cant remember what we used). hope things get better soon.
  • hi girls.
    Yes lots of tips as my 2 boys had it when they were little.
    Drs suggested beast feeding to give them my antibodies. I did this with Tara who is now 10 and she never got it,tho I only kept it up for 3 mths. Im still beast feeding Leah at 8mths and till now she is clear also.
    Also I got a Chicco steamer. which is basically like a kettle which pumps out steam and you can add eucalyptus oil to it. That helped alot,as the coughing tends to get worse at night due to the dry air. central heading takes away the humidity so keep a bowl of water in every room. Hope these tips help you out a bit .
  • wow d i know about croup my 3 year old girl has it every other month ive been tld steam helps but the last time she had it i filled a hot bath and sat in the bathroom with her but her temp went to high to quick and she had a febrile convultion so beware of doing that. i do find that the vicks steam unit we have got works well without getting her to hot was told that an inhayler wont do anything though try and keep them calm is good if you can and i know it sound bad but it sounds worse than it is xxxx
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