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advice on urine infection

:\? i had urine infection when i was 13weeks pregnant and was bleeding quite a bit,, after the antibiotics the first time the midwife gave me the all clear but this wk i been vomiting and have severe diarrhoea and have been diagnosed with urine infection again image what am i doing wrong?? how can i prevent myself from getting urine infection as ive heard it can be harmful especially later on in pregnancy??:\?


  • Aw I'm sorry you've been so ill. The only things I can suggest are make sure you go to the loo as soon as you need a wee and go after having sex, plus drink lots of water to flush everything out. Cranberry juice is also meant to help. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, some people are just more prone to getting them than others. Good
  • Hello i suffer with cystitis quite frequently and have found the best ways to prevent it is to drink lots of water and cranberry juice, avoid bubble bath etc, make sure you go the loo when you need it dont hold it in. There is lots of advice on the nhs direct webpage.
  • used to have quite a bit of cystitis before pregnant and I felt sitting in warm bath helped (no soap etc) and hot water bottle between legs. Cranberry juice and lots of water as well, even though you want to avoid the toilet it is best to drink loads to get the infection out. Used to think the Oasis treatment sachets were good (from Boots) but not sure if you can have them when preg. Yes always have wee straight after sex and wear cotton underwear! Phew.
  • It was because i had a urine infection for 4 weeks that we found out i was pregnant. Was advised to drink loads of water, finish antibiotics, try cranberry juice, etc. Also think it could be caused by soaps and things - try sensitive ones. Personally can only use simple soap/bubble bath etc and for some reason - avon shower gel! Even if you havent changed brand sometimes just a slight change in their make can cause a reaction. Hope have helped coz i know how horrible it is and am sure will suffer again at some point in this pregnancy!
  • Hi

    I had a water infection. I ate a a pot of Greek Yogurt n a cartan of Cranberry Juice n it went straight away.
    But Doctor also gave antibiotics but ended not havin to take them

    Lauren x
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