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I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!!!!

Anyone else watching this??? I swore to myself that I wouldn't watch this series but I watched the launch night and now I'm hooked!! How sad is that?! I think it's Ant and Dec's fault. If they weren't presenting it I probably wouldn't watch it, but they're soooo funny! Ooh it's the live bug eating challenge tonight, cringe worthy but wouldn't miss it for the world - baby dancing will have to wait!!! xxxx


  • i thought they challenge was dissapointing tonight, but ye im loving it so far,i like 'j',gemma and the welsh singer so far. the woman who did the last 3 challenges i find quite iritating lol.

  • I'm loving I'm a celeb and wouldn't miss an episode, so we sky+ it just incase! The funny thing is I am totally petrified of snakes so I often end up listening to it or watching it after everyone else so they can warn me when not to look! Janice was disappointing tonight she didn't even try, Katie would have been better at the eating at least she'd have shown some balls.x
  • I cant stand the show, i used to watch it but dont anymore. its too over the top x
  • sorry about the posts just trying to work out how to use lilypie!!!!
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