Sonographer given away babys sex????

I am 23 weeks tomorrow and had a small bleed on Sunday night. Went to hospital to get checked over (long story but all is okay now). Doctor examined my tummy and did a scan. He put the scanner on and looked at me smiling and said "do you know what your having" I said "NO", still smiling he said "would you like to know" I said no again and looked at the mw she was smiling and I kept saying no but laughing because deep down I can't wait.

When the doctor went out of the room I said to mw- did you see what the baby was and she just kept smiling and said she was keeping quiet.

I am now totally convinced we are having a boy- oh reckons he saw bits and he is convinced too. Put this with the way doc and mw were getting on I can help but be convinced its a boy

WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK??????????????

Me and hubby really would love a boy but I am frightened of getting my hopes up and being disappointed. Do you think its most likely to have been a boy since both doc and mw seemed 100% sure??


  • So glad to hear everything is ok after you had a bleed & hope you get the little boy you would love. I know that from looking at the scan of my 1st daughter (because there were no bits!!!) I knew she was a girl & this one is the same. All I can say is they must have been pretty obvious for them to have asked you if you wanted to know

    Hilary x
  • hi
    Friend of mine was told she would have a boy, ended up with a girl. I was told I would have a boy, and got one. Seems like they are never 100% anyway.
    Wish you luck. Hope you get what you want.
  • They might have just been smiling because the scan was really clear and they could see really clearly what it was. I would hate to buid my hopes up for one sex and then have another. Are you sure you don't want to know the sex? Would it be worth having another scan to find out?
  • ermmm...hard to say really!!!! When I was having my 3rd I did not want to know. We had one boy and one girl so really we were not bothered at all. Anyway, he said look away now so we did. I slightly turned my head and he said I would not look if I was you as its pretty obvious what you are having....and yes we had a boy!!!! My 4th I knew it was a boy and it WAS obvious at 20 week scan. This time at 21 weeks we said we DIDN'T want to know. He kept us turned away for a little while then said its OK you can look as its not going to be obvious......its the same man who scanned my last 3 pregnancies so I am thinking this time its a girl. Whatever it is I will be thrilled but I really really really would love a girl again. My first is a girl but she will be 17 when this born then I have 3 boys aged from 14 to 2!!!! Dont go out and buy anything but I think its more obvious its a boy that a girl but she may have been giving them a birds eye view!!!! You will know soon enough

    d x
  • Thanks girls- I know I haven't long too wait. I was fine till doc got on like that- oh was convinced til then we were having a girl and even had me convinced. As long as our baby is ok I really don't mind but I do believe eveyone has a slight preference.

    I have waited 33 weeks now so another 7 won't hurt............that much!!

    I found out with my first and did slightly regret it so I think its best I wait impatiently.
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