First Scan Nerves

I have my first scan later this week - and I have suddenly become really nervous about it ... did anyone else feel like this...? I am starting to think about all the possible things that could be wrong... I have for some odd reason heard of two missed miscariages this week alone... and I can't help but wonder if all is okay in there.. I know I am being paranoid and unreasonable - but this doesn't seem to stop me from being worried..!! Did anyone else feel like this... xx


  • I felt like that too - i dont think there are many pregnant women out there who dont feel that way before thier first scan. I had an even earlier scan due to bleeding and all was fine but i still worried nothing would be there when i went for my 12 week scan.

    Just had my 20 week scan on Monday which is the best thing ever !!

    Good luck!!

  • hi, i know how you are feeling hun, i worried before i went for my 12week scan to,and was so relieved when i saw all isn ok,iv got my 20week scan tomorrow and i am so nervous,
    good luck at ur scan hun xx

  • Hi hunny,
    Trust me, this is exactly how i felt and then some!! I had my 1st scan yesterday (which went fantastically well) but for the last couple of weeks i have been impossible. I've been in a right old state convinced myself there is something wrong with the baby or there isn't a baby there and even wrote a post on here to say i was conviced they had found HIV in my blood - which of cause they haven't!!!! I think its perfectly normal to be a little worried and paranoid but if you are really concerned, it might help to talk to the midwife first. I did this yesterday, my bf asked them to see me yesterday as i was in such a state and she reassured me but suggested i might like to speak to a maternity counsellor just to talk about things and worries and how to deal with your feelings if it is all a bit much. But I am sure you are just feeling the normal worries every mum to be has and as soon as you see the little baby on the screen, you will forget you were upset in the first place. Good luck, it will all be fine i'm sure x x
  • Thank you all so much - it does seriously help to know that others have had the same feelings.. deep in my heart I know all will be fine.. but I guess its just the fear of the unknown.. thank you all again.. and I hope you are all doing really well.. xx
  • im still waiting for my scan date to come through the post! and im so scared that wen i do have my scan that there wont be a heart beat or just nothing there! al though i do feel pregnant! i knw its silly but think its just normal!
  • I didn't have a scan at 12 weeks (had scans at 6 and 9 weeks instead booo!) so after the 9 week one (where everythin was fine) I was constantly worried I could still 'miss miscarry'. I was so scared I bought a doppler at 13 wks so I could know there was a baby in there...and I found the hb after a bit of trying!
    I think it's perfectly natural to feel like that even though my oh doesnt understand it. I told my mw about how I felt at my booking-in appt and she said it was normal and as she has kids she knew how it felt & u never really stop worrying until the baby's in your arms.
    I'm sure everything will be FINE. It's scary as hell going for a scan but worth it to see the baby. x
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