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My baby wont wear a hat!

Hi girls,

I'm a bit stuck as to what to do, l/o wont wear a hat and shakes her head and cries when I put one on. Any suggestions what to do? It's getting really cold now and I dont want her to get too chilly. Anyone elses l/o like this? Does she need to wear gloves too cos she wont wear scratch mittens either - never has!

Sarah x

& Emily 8 wks



  • my lo wont do hats either so we have hoodies instead. he doesn't seem bothered by a hood cause it's loose i think. don't worry about gloves, lo will just suck the gloves anyway so better none.
  • Emily isnt as bothered about a hood either, so I think I will just have to continue with them instead!

    thanks beebee x
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