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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what happens when you book your 1st appointment at the doctors?? do they do any tests?

any advise is great as this is all new to me and dh.

Thanks X


  • hi when i went to the doctors they didnt do anything just gave me a due date and sent a fax to the mw and said i will be hearing from them in a few weeks xx
  • Hi, when I went to the doctors to get it confirmed he didnt do anything apart from check my bp. He told me to book an appointment with the mw who will then do all the tests.
  • when i went to the doctors he took a water sample and sent to hospital to have it confirmed
  • My doctor didn't do anything apart from ask a few questions and check my BP. Told me to book my first appointment with midwife I turned up a week later (about 6 weeks) to see midwife and she said i didn't need to see her till 12 weeks. She did fill out a form for a 12 week dating scan at six weeks and took my BP again.
  • my doctor congratulated me gave me my pregnancy record book gave me a dew date,checked my blood pressure, and told me to book apointment for 1st bloods and sent me on my way,
    midwife rang me about a week later to arange a antinatal home visit.


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