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Hi, I'm currently 7+6 weeks and have just noticed I'm bleeding when I went to the toilet a minute ago. It's not alot but it's red. Haven't had any unsual pain just a dull ache in my right side which is due to a pregnancy cyst. I have had this pain for a couple of weeks so don't think it's linked at all.

Just a little worried at the mo. Oh is no help at all he just sits there looking at me like I've lost the plot.



  • Bleeding is normal during pregnancy but it should always be checked out. I bled on/off brown blood, sometimes red, for the whole of my first trimester, had 2 scans and they never even told me why! I think it's just one of those things...But like I say should always be checked out...See how it goes and if it stays light then just call the doctor/midwife in the morning, I didn't even have a GP appointment the first time it happened, they just asked how far I was, and what the blood was like & classified me good to go, lol. But if it gets really heavy then don't hesitate to go to A&E.

    If ur worried tho call NHS direct, I had a scare last night and ended up calling my delivery suite even though I had my scan today anyway!
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  • Hi ya hun. Try not to worry if it's not heavy and not got clots. I had some bleeding last week from Monday till Sat and was convinced I was going to mc. After I'd calmed myself down I came on here and red other posts and said to myself if it was'nt heavy I was going to try not to worry. Thankfully it sorted itself out but I was very worried as I'd never experianced ne bleeding in either of my previous two pregnancies. If it gets heavier or you are feeling worried then see if you can get a docs appointment 2muro or try and get hold of your mw. Good luck hun, Sarah 11weeks x x x
  • Try to get a doctors appointment for tomorrow, if not phone the Early Pregnancy Unit at your hospital, they might be able to get you an early scan. Good
  • Thanks for your replies. Havent had any more bleeding since last night. Have got a doctors appointment for friday so will mentioned it to him then, if its starts again tho i will try and see him sooner.

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