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my misscarriage went wrong, i was 8 weeks 3 days

i had a missed misscarriage 4 weeks ago, i missed my follow up appointment (big mistake) and i ended up in hospital. im no expert really but if anyone wants to ask about my experience feel free i dont mind talking about it. so i have attacthed my personal email address so feel free to email me.

[email protected]


  • hi
    i have just been reading some of the "topics" on here and i get really upset by all of your emotions but i would like to say, although i am devastated about my misscarriage i went back to work 2 days after being told and i just wanted to keep busy i see it as i couldnt have done anything to prevent it and there are women who can never have children.
    so i think greive however you want take as long as you want just remember for some of us there is always a hope of next time.
    thank you for reading my opinion
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