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after me bleeding yesterday i phoned the epu and i got a phone call back this morning and im having a scan on monday at 10 am
im so nervous and scared i hope all is well with my little one image
wish me luck image
bec x x


  • Hope everything is ok hun xxx
  • so do i im petrified real bad! i just noticed ive started spottin again so a lil worried
  • Try not to worry Bec. I started bleeding last night and had some bad cramping so I went to my epu this morning (they have a walk-in clinic between 8am and 9am). I was given an internal scan and me and hubby saw our little one for the first time! The scan showed that baby was fine. He/she was jumping about all over the place and the heartbeat was flashing away strongly. It was truly amazing! So basically I was told that bleeding can occur in early pregnancy, it doesn't necessarily mean anything's seriously wrong, it can be just 'one of those things'. I know you won't stop worrying until Monday but I'm sure baby is fine. Good luck honey xxxxxxx
  • thanks sweetie! i havnt got any pain and midwife thinks im fine may just be discharge etc which i hope it is! glad ur lo is fine! its amazin aint it image i had a scan at 7 weeks due to implantation bleed but all was fine wiv bubba
  • It sure is amazing! You've seen your lo's heartbeat already so I'm even more sure that things will be still be fine honey. Enjoy seeing your lo again! I'm still in total amazement that the baby I saw on the screen this morning is in my tummy, doing somersaults etc. Fantastic!

    I look forward to hearing all about your scan on Monday. Be sure to come back and tell us how it goes xxxxxx
  • i will hun! wen i had my scan all i did after that was stare at the photo! lol
  • Oh I didn't get a photo. Should I have asked for one? They didn't offer! I guess I'll have to wait for my 12-week scan on 9th Jan for my photo! I can still remember what my little one looked like on the screen though. Don't think I'll ever forget! Have a fab Christmas and New Year honey. I'll look forward to reading your post on Monday, Christmas Eve, yay!!!! xxxx
  • hi hope all goes well.
    ive had some bleeding again today, had small bit 12 days ago and early scan all was well then but really worried now. rang midwife she said to rest for 24hrs and see how it goes.

    hopefully all will be well for both of us.

    love becs xx
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