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  • I live on a Greek island and the medical care isn't brilliant to say the least. Having said that I have had two children here both born healthy and well by caserean.

    For the past 5 days my 6 year old had been bleeding when he went to the toilet so I took him to the Dr to check him out. I thought it would just be a tear from constipation but he was passing a lot of blood so thought I had better check it out. Dr couldn't find a tear so sent me to hospital as he said it must be internal and could be the first signs of bowel cancer.

    I obviously freaked out and almost had my baby there and then (I'm 27 weeks). We had to spend the night in hospital waiting for tests to be carried out. While we were there a one dy baby was rushed in with breathing problems from the island's private hospital. Unfortunately the island hospital doesn't have neonatal care just the basic incubator (which is still more than the private hospital has). The Dr decided to send the baby to the mainland but due to fog and low lying clouds the helicopter couldn't fly. The Drs did their best but the baby died. The mother wasn't with it because she was still in the private hospital recovering from the birth. Apparently she had been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. The Dr was so upset because they had tried their best but they just don't have the equipment.

    I just want to tell you this so you can appreciate what you have got in England. Everyone moans about the NHS but here on the Greek Islands it is really behind the times.

    Luckily for me my son is fine. It was just a tear and we are now home. The drs just haven't got very good eye sight. When a specialist came up to check him he found the tear straight away. Now trying to force him to eat more vegetables so as not to have the same problem again.
  • omg that is soooo sad, and after 10yrs trying image

    thankfully i have had no real bad experiences with nhs. my daughter had broncitis and pneumonia at 7wks (16yr ago) and the staff were fab

    glad ur son is ok though hun and it wasnt anything too bad. xx
  • wow. i take my bitching the nhs back. a little. i still think they could do better, they just waste opportunitys they have, im not complaining about ehat they dont have im complainin about what facilities they have and dont bother using.
  • Ive got to say that my local hospital York districk and Goole Districk are very good and the staff are wounderfull. However I do feel it would be better if the management spent more of the budget on more staff than on flower beds, as I am sorry to say this but flowers dont make you better or look after you.
    Their is my winge....
  • Glad your little boy is okay hun, that is so sad about the baby though image
    My friend lives in Zakynthos and she decided to fly to England to have her baby because the hospital wasn't very good. We're so lucky over here to have such good healthcare. I'll always be thankful as my cousin was born really premature at 27 weeks and the intensive care he had was brilliant.

  • I have to agree with you . I live in the middle east and though the private hospitals are good the free ones are only free for certain conditions. You see so many appeals from families whose children are dying of cancer but they do not get free chemeo. Its so sad. Here, in bahrain they are more plastic surgery hospitals than normal ones. there is a divide of those who have and those who dont. The NHS is a jewel and yes, it can be bad and make mistakes but when you see a 3 year old die here just because their parents could not afford a vital op or chemeo then it brings it home what you have. It could be better but it could be a whole lot worse!!!!!!!!
    d xx
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