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Scared stiff at 5am this morning

Bolted up out of bed this morning expecting the clock only to say 2am. Instead it was 5am and Alfie hadnt woken me up for a feed. Absolutly petrified to look in his cot. Thank goodness he was fine, still sleeping peacefully. I woke him up for feeling so guilty that i hadnt given him a feed during the night.
My mum laughed at me when i told her this as all ive wanted is for a decent night sleep and when i get it i start to panic! She assured me that if Alfie was hungry he would be sure to let me know!
You watch, he wont do it again for ages!!!
Suz x


  • Aaawwww bless!! It must have been a night for good sleeps last night, Holly went from 12 till 6am!!
    It does scare you though when they do things out of the norm like sleeping longer, it tends to keep me up more worrying if Holly is ok lol I guess this is something we will get used to though image
    Fingers crossed Alfie has another good night so you can get some well deserved sleep!
    Amy xxx
  • aaw bless ya. i do that in the day when he has a long kip. i have to make sure he is ok though and so relieved when he moves...or cries. everytime he cries i dont care cos he is ok!
    hope this wasnt a one off for you!
    amy, how is holly doing??
  • How did you do that?......Please TELL ME HOW?!!
  • Hate to tell you all this but he did it again last night! Didnt panic so much this time and tried to enjoy it!
    Also had to wake him up to take daughter to school and off he went to sleep again in the buggy!
    Saying that, ive been constantly checking that hes breathing!
  • You are doing well to get so much sleep!
    I had a virtually no sleep last night as I was so paranoid after Brendan was sleeping in his moses basket yesterday evening and my oh went to check him and found him squirming all over with milk coming out of his mouth and nose! Luckily he was ok we picked him up quickly and got him cleaned up but OMG both our hearts stopped at the thought of what could have happened if he hadn't checked him at that moment! I always thought he would make a noise if something was wrong but he was totally silent.
    All last night I was checking him every 5 mins (have his moses basket next to my side of the bed) and in the end dozed sitting up with him asleep on my chest so I could feel him breathing. Not putting him to sleep on his back anymore that's for sure!

    I know why he was probably sick (he normally isn't a sicky baby) as my mum sent a parcel out to us of loads of sachets of SMA Gold as the range of formula out here is rubbish. Think it is quite rich for him compared to what he is used to and although I winded him for ages after his feed his tummy obviously couldn't cope with it all.
    Doesn't stop you feeling like a rubbish mummy when something like that happens!
  • Poor you Liz. That sounds horrible. I dont blame you for checking him every 5 mins. I would do the same to Alfie. Bet it was an awful shock for you and your hubby.
    As long as hes alright now-poor little mite.
    Suz x
    ps you are def not a rubbish mummy. unfortunately these things happen and it was def not your fault
  • Thanks Suz, nice to have the reassurance from other mummies. Brendan seems happier with the formula now think his tummy has got used to it more now thank fully! Still keep checking him though! xx
  • I know what you mean Liz - just to be able to tell your worries and even let off some steam!
    Felt terrible the other day as i hadnt thought to switch from biological to non bio washing liquid and poor little Alfie came out in an angry red, bumpy rash. Didnt know what it was and had to phone the nhs line. Soon as we switched the rash disappeared. What made it worse was that when i looked closely after the phonecall the rash was in the shape of his vest!
    How bad did i feel. So i think im winning on the 'bad mummy' title!
  • Oh my - it must have been a night for it. I felt like a rubbish mummy too.
    I woke up with a start at 5am this morning as Amy hadn't woken me up either - I had fed her at 11pm and she went straight down after that. I can't believe she went 6 hours - my heart was in my mouth till I realised she was fine.
    I just hope it continues but knowing my luck it'll be a one off!

    Liz - I had a scare with Amy a couple of weeks ago too, she'd been sick all over herself and hadn't made a sound. She isn't a sicky baby either and she hadn't choked or anything but it scared the hell out of me.

    Will we ever stop worrying????
  • The answer to that Rachel is: NO! we will never stop worrying!

    Its lovely when they sleep through isnt it-pure bliss! (when you stop worrying!)

    I thought Alfies 'lie in' was going to be a one off but since weve started a (sort of) routine he seems to sleep longer at night. Cross fingers it continues-loving my sleep at the mo!!!
    Weve also transfered him to his cot. Dont know whether this has made a difference? He looks sooo tiny and cute in it, i cld eat him! Does that make me a bad mummy?!?!
  • Indeed it must have been a night for it. I fed holly at 7pm last night, at 11pm i expected her to wake up but told hubby to leave her for a while as was sure she would wake any min. Set an alarm for 1am. We must have dozed off coz alarm woke me at 1am and holly was still soundo! Like you said, i was almost too firghtened to look in moses basket! Hopefully its a sign of things to come as this mummy could definatly do with some sleep!
  • well done everyone! we all deserve medals for coping so well and being fab mummies! bless the lo's that r giving their mummies plenty of rest at night. ryan is doing 5.5 hours then a feed then another 4 every night, reckon its cos he is very alert and playful throughout day andhis naps are much shorter than they were. this morning he has just had 20 mins before waking with a beaming smile!
  • Ah bless all our los! I keep waking at intervals during night to find Gracie fast asleep...listen for her breathing then go back to sleep, happy knowing she'll wake when hungry! She's going between 6-8 hours then will wake just before we have to get up, a mini alarm clock! At wkend she goes back to sleep on my chest so I have a lie in! Think we've got a good batch of babies!!! And not one of us is a bad mummy; we're just learning all the time and doing the best for our little treasures (with minor hiccups on the way sometimes!). Keep up the best job in the world and enjoy every minute!
  • lol ali i do that too..checking he's breathing, although i also stick my hand down his sleepsuit to feel that his tummy is not too hot and check the back of his neck! born worrier me! xxx
  • Have shot out of bed a couple of times as i'm convinced Philip has been sick, only to look in the cot and he's fine, fast asleep, well till mummy pokes him to check he's ok!! Think i must have dreamt it but it seemed so real!

    Friday night he had me up every hour on the hour which he hasn't done for a couple of weeks, put it down to using an Avent bottle for his bedtime feed instead of a tommee tippee, went back to normal one last night and he slept from 11.30 till 6.40 then we really struggled to wake him up, he was really listless and floppy but breathing ok, eventually he woke up as if to say what time is it? leave me alone!

  • I dreamt last night that I had just fed, winded and settled Brendan and then woke up to realise he was just starting to stir wanting his feed!! lol! Very annoying, felt like I had to do it all over again even though I only dreamt it the first time!!

    I'm the same for checking he is breathing when he is asleep. I have found though if I touch his hand he normally curls his fingers without waking up!!My hubby always tells me off!
  • lol Liz!
    Its definately a weird experience at night time!
    Couple of nights ago i woke to find hubby over the cot. I said in mumbled sleep talk that i would do Alfies feed. He replied that hed already done it! I didnt even hear them!
    Needless to say i promptly fell back to sleep-result!

    Last night i waited up for Alfies last feed. Clock was ticking by and still no sign of waking up. Kept checking on him (yes-to see if he was still breathing! a quick prod and poke!)
    Eventually i woke him up just before midnight and got a whiff of something that smelt suspiciously like poo. I couldnt believe that he was quite happy to sleep in a poohy nappy! All class my son!!!
  • Lol you 2! I've woken many a time panicking where lo is! Not so much with Gracie but lots with no. 1! Gracie also sleeps soundly with a cacky bum...she's just done one now having a bottle and fell asleep after it! Was stinking so woke her up winding her so I could change her!
  • Amy is quite happy to sit in pooey nappy for ages but a wet one - she does not like!!

    I ended up having 2 good nights with Amy sleeping over 6 hours between feeds but it was shortlived and have now had a couple of nights with waking every 3 hours - oh well.

    Funny thing happened the other night, I was dreaming that Amy was really windy and I was trying to wind her by cupping her chin in my hand, I was woken very abruptly by a grumpy oh as I actually had my hands round his throat trying to wind him - he thought I was trying to strangle him - I found it very funny when I'd woken up properly!!!
    I put it all down to sleep deprivation!

  • rachel sorry but thats hilarious! xx
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