Feeling Sorry For Myself and fancied a moan!

Hi Everyone!
I'm feeling really sorry for myself today. I'm 39+1 wks, feeling huge and to top it all off I've got really bad cold, with a sore throat and a bad cough. Feeling annoyed with oh cos he had it first and gave it to me. He keeps saying sorry, but I'm feeling to grumpy to forgive him! Hoping I don't go into labour until I'm feeling a bit better! Sorry for moaning, Love Rachel XXX


  • It good to moan wen ur not feeling well, hope u perk up soon as ur baby will be here soon, gud luck, Kerry xxx
  • Hi Rachel
    I think we are all entitled to a good moan and rightly so! I am in a vile mood today and i will justify it somehow!
    I hope your feeling better soon and baby doesn't keep you waiting to long! All the best of luck
    Sarah xx
  • Good for you having a good moan ive had my moaning head on me for days im only 30+3 but feeling huge too with a bad back severe migraines nearly every day and a very energetic teething 18month old daughter to look after just wish i could have a lazy day in bed with nothing to worry about (like running to the loo every 5minutes haha) hope you feel better soon and good luck with baby Sophie 30+3 x
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