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People's reactions on Postpartum Body

Hey everyone!

Just curious to see how other people (ie family, friends, OH) have reacted to your postpartum bodies.
Lo is 4 months old now and I've begun exercising much more since the weather is getting better here in Canada. I'm determined to get back in shape and I keep telling myself lo is only four months old so i haven't had much time to dedicate to trimming down. Lately, I am getting very irritated with people telling me or implying that I am fat or I have "changed". At first, if didn't bother me, but it seems I keep hearing it..and it's so damn irritating.
Anyone dealing with the same thing? Or am I just around a bunch of insensitive jerks?


  • Hello!
    I have been dieting and going to the gym 3 times a week, my lo is nearly 7 months now. I have managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I wasn't exactly a gym bunny before ha ha! So I would like to lose a bit more. My tummy is totally different though, and everyone seems to love pointing that out! My partner keeps telling me to do sit ups, it really gets on my nerves. He is no brad pitt and when he has got a six pack to be proud of then I might listen to him but until then he can sod off! Pig. Yes people are insensitive, just ignore them, it's usually people who haven't had to give birth that come out with that crap. I just pray for karma-perhaps when they have their babies they will all be in labour for 48 hours, ha ha!
  • My mum is the worst! She is always yapping at me and telling me i need to get back into shape. LO is only 4 months and to be honest i cant be bothered yet, i will when the weather gets better so i can take her out with me. At the end of the day i dont mind my new shape and either does my hubby so everyone else can bugger off! X
  • Hi girls,

    well no one has really said anything oh always tells me i look great but its how you feel yourself isnt it. i need to lose 10lbs to get back to my pre-preggers weight of 10st but id like to weigh 9st.

    i'll never forget when i had joshua on the 2nd day my stomach looked really flat and i thought wow i look really slim obviously cos i was so used to seeing a big bump. And when my nan came to visit me in hospital i told her how my stocmach looked so flat and she said ' well, you can still see your stomach and look how squidy it is' can you adam and eve it my own nan...i was devestated. Joshua is 9 months now and im trying to lose the weight...were turning our dining rm into a mini gym over the next 6 weeks so hopefully that will stop time being an issue xxx
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