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First period after baby

I've been on for 16 days now and its really heavy (sorry if tmi), it doesn't feel like its ever going to end, has anyone else had this?x


  • Mine didnt last as long as 16 days but it was awful. I couldnt believe how heavy & painful it was.

    Hilary x
  • Mine went on for 2 weeks and was really heavy. I spoke to the health visitor today who said it is quite normal,doesn't make it any better though! Here is hoping next month is better.
  • When did you have your baby? Are you sure its not lochia (postnatal bleeding)? Cuz I was bleeding heavily after i had lo for a few weeks, then got lighter, then it came back heavier than ever that I even went to the hospital to find out it was still postnatal bleeding. All my bleeding stopped at about 6 weeks postpartum..then I got my first period at about 2.5 months postpartum and they last only a few days and are back on regular schedule.
  • Lily is 7 and a half weeks old, I bled for 2/3wks then it stopped completely for 2 weeks but then I got all the normal stuff like bloating, spots, cramping the night before I came on which made me think it is my period. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what happens.x
  • mine lasted 4 weeks but it was quite light compared to what they were like before lo!
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