Little one very low down...

Although I have been feeling LO for a good few weeks now, the feelings are still very low down by my pubic bone. Quite often and like little bubbles popping but nowhere else but there.
Is this normal for my stage? Should I be feeling them higher up?



  • hi

    im 26 weeks and my baby is startin to kick low down sometimes now. she is very active though and can move about all the time. i think its quite normal

  • I'm now 37+1 but in the early days up to about 28 weeks I felt heaviness in my pelvis and movements that were only low down. Baby was lying in a transverse position and by 32 weeks had moved head down - movements have been much higher since. This is my first and I did worry but was obviously normal!!
  • First time I felt a distinct movement was about 19 weeks - I was poking about because I hadn't felt it move much that day and it gave me a distinct punch back! Then it was another week before I felt anything!
  • It's still normal to feel movement low down, at your stage, your womb only reaches an inch above your belly button anyway, believe it or not! (Thats what my baby book said anyway.) I felt all my movements low until my baby flipped head down and I'm guessing that was about 24 weeks, although I didn't know for sure until 26. However even if your lo remains breech then it isn't a problem until quite late - most breech babies turn even as late as just before labour xxxx
  • all my movements were low down and exactly how you describe them as bubbles popping started at 18 weeks got stronger at about 22 weeks and she was a nightmare after that. every oneis different your little one is still v small and floating around in water so youmight not feel strong movements for while x
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