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Silvercross 3d Vs Silvercross freeway linear

Please help. We've spent the day searching for a travel system that we like and are now more confused then we started. I think we've narrowed it down to either of the silver cross makes but to be honest cant really tell the pros and cons between them.
I like the idea of having a full bar at the front to push with but other than this cant really tell the difference. Would really appreciate hearing others view on them.


  • hi
    my friend looked at both these prams. she went for the linea which i think looked really nice and i have to say i prefer a bar to handles. the only draw back i thought the linea had was that it doesnt fold very small but my friend doesnt have a car so that didnt bother her. the 3d fold really small almost as much as an umberella buggy. hope this helps.
  • We looked at both too, but then discovered that both were too big for our little car's boot!! Personally I would go for the linear as you can have lo facing you even when its in pushchair mode - whereas with the 3D you can only have them facing you when it has the carrycot in. And the mattress in the carry cot isn't removable - not sure if you can bung the whole lot in the washer, will prob need to when lo is sick in the pram... which you just know will happen!! And the bar handle is easier to lever the pram to get up kerbs etc!

    Sarah 22 + 5
  • I noticed that you can put the car seat straight on the linear's chassis without the buggy therefore when going in the car you wouldnt need as much space.
  • Thanks everyone, the linear is winning so far!! Mind you I saw someone out with a Bebe Loola and thought it looked great so may complicate things even more now!!
  • I've got the 3D and have found it great, really easy to fold, quite compact etc. My only problem was my LO was to big for the pram almost as soon as he was born (he was quite long) He graduated to the buggy at 3 months and had to face away from me (he was fine cos he's a nosy so and so) which I didnt like.

    I have seen the linear and do quite like the look of it, part of me wishes i had go for this though!
  • I looked at one of the Silvercross and the assistant broke the chassis putting it down when she left just the rain cover in the basket. Apparently a customer had done the same a few weeks before so I think there is a bit of a design fault in it. I would say if you do get one be extremely careful when you dismantle (put down) the pram and make sure that there is nothing in the basket! It really put me off buying what I thought to be a very well thought out pram.
  • Iv got the Freeway and liked it because its suitable for my LO to lie flat, it can face you or away when in pushchair mode and has the bar handle which I find makes it easier to steer. The wheels are a bit bulky and its quite big when folded but i dont have a car so that doesnt affect me.
  • I have the 3d and have had no problems with it so far. I don't know what the linear is like so I cant comment on that.
  • If space or size isn't an issue I would pick the freeway linear, I almost bought this, the only reasons I never was as it had to go into 2 parts and I don't have the space in my boot or my house for it. I love the way it can face you for as long as you want, I knew that the 3d wouldn't face me as long as I would have wanted it to.

    I went for the bebe loola up in the end as it could still face me as long as I wanted but was compact.

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  • The 3D has split handles which is awkward to push with one hand (pram will eventually steer to the left or right depending on what hand you use)

    The car seat for the 3D sits on top of the pushchair so looks really bulky whereas the car seat sits straight ontop of the linear chassis.

    The 3D is smaller when it's folded.

    If you don't mind static wheels but a larger basket I've noticed the classic chassis (sleepover range) allows the linear to attach to it.
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