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placenta-posterior low

I had my 1st scan Thursday and I am 13 weeks 4 days. Does anyones notes say that the placenta is low? What does it mean?


  • It just means that the placenta is currently over the opening to the cervix.
    Not a danger as it should in time move out of the way. They will check again at your 20 week scan. If it hasn't moved then you will likely have another one at 32 weeks.
    If it hasn't moved then it will be classed as placenta previa and you will most likely need a C-Section as it means the baby can't get through the cervix.

    Mine is like this at the moment and I am not feeling the baby move but she is fine.
    At the mo it is nothing to worry about really so relax.
  • thanks for that. Can I still have sex
  • I have a low lying placenta. It was low at 13 weeks and was still low at my 20 week scan (which I had at 22 weeks) and I have to go back at 34 weeks to check. I asked if they class it as placenta preavia but the sonographer said not. She did not give me any info and wouldn't have said anything if I hadn't asked more. I am seeing the midwife on Thursday so will ask him about it then.

    So far the only info I've gathered is from books and on the web - from what I've read I think it's only a problem if it is actually covering the exit (placenta preavia). If it's near to it I think it can still be a problem sometimes because the lower part of your uterus tends to expand more than the upper part in the latter stages and sometime the placenta rather than just move can separate from the uterine wall and cause some sort of heamoraging (excuse the spelling). From what I've read the majority of low lying placentas are low risk and sort themselves out. I think if its preavia or badly low you'd get assigned a consultant obstetrician.

    I will be finding out more on Thursday after my midwife appointment so will report back then.
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