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Thrush - Advice Please

Im 18 weeks 4 days and have thrush (again - 4th time since falling pg) and last night i used the canesten pessary - i was extra careful when inserting and everything seems ok at the moment but the first doctor i saw told me NOT to use it, and the doc i saw a couple of weeks ago said it was ok..

Has anyone else used the pessary when pregnant?????


  • I posted this question on another forum too and found myself laughing at this reply by one inorant poster

    "Hi the only time ive heard of Thrush is when a person is HIV positive?

    I worked in a Medical Ward with Hiv and Aids pateince, Have you been checked for that?

    Not saying you have it but its very common in that.. "


    Its a yeast infection which is VERY coomon in pregnancy and is caused by a hormone imbalance.

    I simply asked if anyone had used the pessary treatment when expecting

    Am i wrong to find this incredibly rude or are my hormones just causing me to take offence???
  • I have used the pessary (think I was about 30 weeks at the time) but it was one prescribed by my GP rather than the canesten one (presume they're the same thing). I didn't see the point in paying for canesten when u can get free prescriptions.

    It said on the leaflet that came with it not to take in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy but that it was fine any time after that. Only my GP said not to use the applicator as it might make you bleed. She said it was unlikely to cause harm though, just worry!

    I'm sure its fine!! And lol about the HIV positive thing! Stupid people. I think most women have had thrush at some point xxxx

  • Hiya

    I totally sympathise with you. Ive had it for over a month now ! I went to the doctor as the chemist wouldnt give me canesten and he only gave me cream. Cream worked on the outside but of course it was still on the inside so i needed something to go inside.

    It has taken my midwife and doctors over a month to sort this out and it is really bad now.

    If i could have done it again i would have just bought the canesten pessary.

    If you leave it go it becomes the bain of your life!

  • I have just been perscribed it today by my doctor who assured me it was ok to use when pregnant. I also have some cream. hope thats of some help xxx
  • I used it last night and baby is kicking as strong asa ever so i presume s/hes fine.
    And as for the dreaded itch....................... its gradually disappearing as the day goes on!!

    I feel free again image lol xxx
  • Im sooo glad someone posted this. Ive had a lot of thrush since falling preg, and i didnt think i could take anything, ive just been using the cream. xx
  • Well i have used it twie since being pregnant (the first time i was 6 weeks and didnt know i was pregnant) and now again last night at 18 and a half weeks.

    If only the horrid chalky residue would disappear image
  • I have had thrush too. And was given cream and the pill to insert. Everything seems fine. No problems since. And my doc never even considered mentioning HIV. But I know that its not the case. Cause trust me it would ahve been picked up on a very long time ago. They take blood so many times it would be hard not to.


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