I'm in so much pain!

Hi everyone

I have had mild pelvic pain at night before, nothing I cant deal with but today I am in so much pain I can barely walk. I have noticed more groin/pelvis pain since my lo engaged 2 weeks ago...today it is horrible. The only position I'm comfortable in is sitting down. When I walk pains shoot up one of my legs and if I lie down my lower stomach is so sore. Im just in agony and I can't think of anything that could have bought it on.

I've done walking/swimming etc since I got pregnant but today I did nothing and feel crap...

Any advice? Just took some paracetamol...



  • Hi Tiger Lily
    Haven't any real advice, but perhaps you could phone your midwife? Sounds most uncomfortable for you hun.
    I think paracetamol is pretty useless (for me anyway)!
    Hope u feel better soon
    Sarah xx
  • I don't have any advice but I used to get the shooting pains when I was pregnant with Millie. It used to feel like she was twanging one of the nerves and would make it so that I couldn't walk untill it stopped. It did used to come and go though, I would be fine for hours and then all of a sudden it would come back. Hopefully yours will disappear soon as well.
  • Hi hun sorry to hear your in pain it sounds like baba could be on one of your nerves it will prob pass when he moves off it had my midwife appt today and im fully engaged so hopfully meeting baby soon have you had any other feelings that baba might be early/late etc hope you feel better soon Sophie 37+3 xx


  • hi hun i had the same problem and used to cry as i was in so much pain. you need to let your midwife know so that they can sort out some physio for you. my midwife didnt do this ( but later i found out that she should have done this as soon as i first got the pain when i was 7 months preggers) for me and 7 weeks after having my son im still getting pain so when i go for my 8 week check up on weds i will be telling the doc that he/ she needs to do somthing cos i shouldnt have to put up with this pain. try and get plently of rest and please dont feel bad about having a lasy day. hope you feel better soon x.
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